Podcast Shmodcast

Local coterie of comic book connoisseurs, Menagerie of Kick-Assery was gracious enough to have me as a guest speaker on a couple of their podcasts. Being the smart geeks that they are, they plied me with some beer before letting me mumble into the mike. The first podcast is available now, at The Menagerie of Kick-Assery site.

Menagerie of Kick-Assery: Podcast 60, The Melting Pot

“Will Smith decks aliens, space vacations, and a galaxy far, far away. Are we talking about Men in Black 3? Of course not. (Why waste time on that?) This episode: The Show About Nothing and Everything.”


My thanks to hosts, Troy-Jeffrey Allen, Gene Green, and That Urban Punk .


Go to the site and download for free because the only thing you could possibly waste at this point is more of your time.

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District Geeks Who Make Stuff

Who knew? Our district is chock full of creative people getting their CRAFT on! From Etsy, a sampling of the truly hilarious and geeky stuff you can buy off of local creators and craftsters. For a fuller and more constantly updated collection, visit the CRAFTY DISTRIC GEEK BASTARDS board.


TARDIS Light-up Pin

A TARDIS bow with a light-up center?! For all those times you could swear you heard the agonizing wheezing of that big, blue box in the sky. The sheer geeky genius of this particular piece is hard to describe. Suffice it to say that it turns on all the time-wimey, wibbly-wobbly, ball of emotions in my heart. Find it at Little Asian Sweatshop.


Time Travel is Yesterday’s News by tinaseamonster

Yeah, I already know about tomorrow’s headline. Geez, where’ve you been? Obviously not at Tina Sea Monster’s store. Check it out for some zombie goodness and happy unicorn happiness. That last part was a lie. Get ready for some unicorn sadness.


Ethereal Light by Dean Kuhta

An incredibly talented artist who’s taken it upon himself to create some awesome prints of the fantastic and horrifying. His etsy store is Twisted Oak Press and there are a few other prints worth checking out.


Ewok Figurine by Marmota Cafe

The arms say HUGS! But the Rage Face says KILL! Which will win in the end? Buy one from Marmota Cafe and you can decide for yourself.


Keats in Dupont Circle by Marianne

For all you bookworms, dreamers, poets, and literates: dreamy Keats set in what might be Dupont Circle. Also, your new motto for the summer. The cool thing about DC is our proximity to this behemoth institution known for serving the public and that public service seems to include

I’m guessing my butt off here but I think I’m right about Dupont Circle. If anyone wants to confirm, please do. Available at The Art Of Observation.


Francis Owlington by tigerflight

Looks enormously like Beeker from The Muppet Show. But that just makes him cuter, doesn’t it. Also, with the current penchant for owls and really, birds of all sorts, pop on some “I Believe I Can Fly” and zoom into cuteness heaven with this one or one of its brothers and sisters. Available at Tigerflight’s etsy store.

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Monday Music: My Keytar Never Sounded This Cool

Um, what?! This is totally what I imagined it sounded like when I used to play with this. I’m absolutely in love with this idea of giving the DJ even more mobility to create and mix and play on the fly. The Ableton Live and Novation Launchpad seem like everything an internet-donwumint, electric keyboard playing, dubstep grinding. DJ machine could ever want.


Midi Fighter Ableton 2012 Winner

By DJ Tech Tools

Way to introduce some truly impressive beats into the mix. It’s easy to see how this swept the competition. This is also the best showcase I’ve seen for sheer artistry in the form. This really turns the tech into an instrument instead of just a tool.


Live Dubstep Jam

by williet8

Exactly what is says on the cover.


6 Launchpads & Abletons

by thesecondwall

Looking for sheer volume play? Here it is.


Tribute to the Hip Hop Masters pt. 2

by kevinguoh

A much more chill take with a lyrical run-through, jazzy percussions, and soul samples. Like one of the commenters states, takes a while to get going but once it does, it’s some funky times ahead.



by newmodernscience

Another chill take. The vibe is absolutely 2:17am, on the empty streets, walking through a ghost town full of neon lights and weird noises off in the distance. For anyone who’s made their way home from the club on a late summer night, through the city, this is your song.


Pop Culture Mashup

by Madeon

Absolutely in love with this mashup. Dude’s like, 12 years old. Okay, not really. But 18. Here’s a video of him performing live.

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Superman Coming to DC!

Superman has always been the archetypal strongman meant to embody Truth, Justice, and the American Way , making him the quintessential American superhero. But then again, what defines American? And what defines superhero? Actually, what even defines strength?

Well, there’s a new play in town that decides to address these issues in fine style, and that play is . . .


What: The History of Invulnerability

Behind every great superhero is a determined creator. In 1930s America, that creator was usually a young Jewish man with an active imagination. Katz’s play illuminates the story of Jerry Siegel—the brains behind Superman’s brawn—and the imagined struggle between the creative father and his uber-mensch son. Siegel wrestles to retain control of his famous comic book sensation as America is drawn into WWII.  Recommended for ages 16 and up due to mature themes and brief, modest nudity.
When: June 6th – July 8th

Where: Theater J, 1529 16th St, Washington DC
Metro: Dupont Circle, Red
How Much: $30
Pro Tip: No, it’s not Superman walking across America or Superman being a Superdick to Lois Lane just to show he can. It’s not even Superman growing a mullet to show how with the times he is.

This is Superman seen through the lens of one of his creators, Jerry Siegel, and all that entails as a Jewish second-generation immigrant making a living by writing for the funnies during World War 2.

I had a chance to sit down with director Shirley Serotsky and actors David Deblinger (Jerry Siegel) and Tim Getman (Superman) in order to go over their takes on Superman and comic book superheroes in general.


Q: First off, if you could have any superpowers, what would it be and why?

David Deblinger: Shapeshifter might be fun

Tim Getman: But you already are that, as an actor.

David: Yeah but then I can be anything. It’s kind of hard to make myself six feet tall right now. But I was into comics, too, like Robby Reed. The Dial H for Hero. A thousand different heroes all at once.

Tim: Top three – flying and breathing underwater would be awesome, but really, teleportation. That would be really handy.

Shirley Serotsky: I was gonna say teleportation but now I gotta come up with something else. Time travel is a good one. Time travel would be great. But then, would you show up dressed appropriately?

[insert further conversation on the implications of traveling through time while in modern dress]


Q: If you could design your own superhero or superhero costume?

David: I already did that. David Man.There was  a mirror next to my parents’ bed. And I would just run down the hallway, and jump onto the bed and watch myself in the mirror, flying.

Tim: Oh, man. I locked myself in the bathroom once, pretending I was a superhero. This bathroom had a little window, like, with a  12 ft drop. I dropped down and totally had to go to the hospital.

Shirley: The Wonder Twins.  I have a twin brother.

Tim: No capes. I’ve seen The Incredibles.

Shirley: Do the costumes need to be functional?  Do they need to help you?

David: Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat, did that do things? Invisible, magical costume?

Tim: It can’t get in the way. You don’t want it to get tangled in anything

Shirley: I don’t find the female superhero costumes all that practical. There’s no sports bra in this one.

Tim: More and more, in the Olympics, people’s uniforms look like superhero costumes. They all look like superheroes.


Q: If you take away Superman’s powers, what makes him a hero?

David: Compassion and the desire to do good.

Tim: A survivor. That’s in this play, too. Surviving or not.

Shirley: The other thread in this play is scenes in a concentration camp. There we see some people with very strong beliefs and souls who don’t have superpowers. What can they do? They do what they can? What other ways would he find to be a survivor?

Tim: It was interesting to see in the Avengers, and wonder, gosh, you ever think Hawkeye and Black Widow sit around and feel useless? But they’re badass in their own way.


Q: Is he relevant to today’s modern audience?

Shirley: Yes. A citizen of the world versus a citizen of America. Our comic books now, blue or red? Which side would they lean on? I would say, to step away from the political, I would hope that Superman, like myself (as left-leaning as they come) there are many things about the true idea of the American way that I can totally believe in. There are many different ways in which people say”This is the American Way.” I should hope that it wouldn’t be a partisan issue.

Tim: Superman was never one that I really liked. I didn’t feel like he had evolved. I never really connected with him. I was very aware of the hypocrisies. If you really dig, he has some yin and yang. Clark Kent and Superman. He uses violence, although he fights for peace. Never really dark enough, and he’s still not dark enough for our time. Like when he fights Batman, it’s always explained as an accident.

Shirley: But why does he have to[explain his violence]?

David: But there are so many shades. I remember watching President Bush saying “We are a beacon of light,” and thinking nobody owns light and nobody owns freedom.  It all exists within us.

Tim: In this play, we do have a Superman with many different shades.

Shirley: There’s the orphan thing. Why so many people are not Superman people, the image of Superman alone in a world where he’s the only one of his kind. Which is different from Batman’s angst. It’s addressed a little bit in the play. To think of a guy who, this isn’t even his planet, and he’s going to do all this to make this the best world that he can, and then go home to no one else like him.  That loneliness

David: Being one of the others. To be the one who reads, finding something magical in art. The other, immigrant experience, Jewish experience.

Tim: And then the parallel, with Jerry and his son. The son comes out and talks about the feeling of loneliness and growing up without a father.


Q: Which is the real persona? Clark Kent or Kal-El?

Tim: He consciously puts on the Superman persona. From the perspective of the character in this play, like, maybe neither one of them is really who he is. I’ve yet to find out. We’re actually working on that right now. I would say, both are a mask or costume.  Besides, it’s the planet that gives him powers, right? Like, on Krypton, he would just be a mild-mannered man.

David: All of us have these masks and personalities that mask who we are. What is super? What is strength? Constantly trying to move though different levels, like Dante, of finding an acceptance of the part of us that is individual and the part of us that is bigger.


Q: Are you looking forward to being recognized as Superman in DC? 

Tim: They are big shoes to fill. It is a little intimidating. There are going to be expectations. Be it body type and voice. People are going to expect things. I’m trying to take it in a more human way.

Shirley: Tim’s wife played a character based on Marilyn Monroe. There was that challenge to find what is the essence of this character. What suggestions of physicality. There are so many real  people who show up in this play. How much do you channel these people?

Tim: And because there are so many real people in the play, it kind of gives dramatic license. At the same time, I’m the one wearing the damn suit. Actually the reason they cast me was ’cause I’m the tallest actor in town.


Q: If you could portray another superhero?

David: I love Hulk, yeah! Or The Wolf Man, from the movies. I used to do that in high school. I used to go on the subway, when American Werewolf in Paris was in, I used to be like [growling].

Tim: What did people do?

David: People usually laughed, by the end. I went to Manhattan School of Arts so that kind of thing happened.



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Geekend: June Bug




What: Shree 420 Showing at the Freer Gallery

Referring to the Indian penal code statute for fraud, Shree 420 is perhaps Kapoor’s most famous incarnation of his onscreen tramp persona. Arriving in the big city to make his fortune, country bumpkin Raju (Kapoor) is introduced to the urban underworld following brief encounters with a moralistic oligarch and a Cassandra-like beggar. Wooing the honest schoolteacher Vidya (Nargis) while secretly dipping into a life of gambling and petty fraud, Raju is inexorably drawn into more dangerous criminal territory.
When: 7pm-10pm
Where: Meyer Auditorium, Freer Gallery, 1200 Jefferson Dr SW, Washington, DC
Metro: Smithsonian, Blue/Orange
How Much: Free
Pro Tips: For early Bollywood, you can’t beat the free film series the Freer Gallery has going on right now. Part of the Raj Kapoor and the Golden Age of Bollywood retrospective, go ahead and educate yourself. It can’t all be Kal Ho Naa Ho and Main Hoon Na and Veer Zaara and Sharukh Khan all the time. Can it?


What: Washington Science Fiction Association Meetup
When: 9pm-11pm
Where: Register to find out
Metro: Register to find out
How Much: Free, although it’s always nice to bring something to the table
Pro Tips:

The Washington Science Fiction Association, founded in 1947, is the oldest science fiction group in the greater Washington, DC, area. Our interests cover a wide range, including science fiction, science fact, fantasy, and many related fields.

Each year we run Capclave, our regional science fiction convention, and we have helped sponsor worldwide conventions such as the World Science Fiction Convention and the World Fantasy Convention. In addition, the club administers the WSFA Small Press Award, an annual award for short stories published by a small press in science fiction, fantasy, horror, or related fiction genres. WSFA Press publishes anthologies and collections of stories and the WSFA Journal prints minutes of meetings and writings by members and friends.

Non-members are encouraged to attend our regular meetings, held on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. These gatherings include a brief business meeting, followed by light refreshments and conversation. Occasionally, we also hold other events, such as parties and trips to see movies. Our regular meetings are held in members’ homes in the greater DC area. For more information and directions, visit our home on the web at http://www.wsfa.org/.


What: Silhouettes in a Snap
When: 12pm-5pm
Where: Labyrinth Games Shop, 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC
Metro: Eastern Market, Blue/Orange
How Much: $25 for single silhouette, $45 for two people
Pro Tips: So, really, when else will you get the opportunity to have your profile cut out, in front of you, by hand for reals?! Show up with a mohawk and see if that phases the artist, Keith Donaldson. My guess? Not so much. If you want your silhouette cut out, you’ll have to call Labyrinth at 202-544-1059 or email kathleen@labyrinthgameshop.com to RSVP for an appointment.


What: Friday Night Frights
When: 7pm-8:30pm
Where: Black Cat, 1811 14th St, Washington, Dc
Metro: U St/Cardozo/African American Memorial, Green/Yellow
How Much: Free
Pro Tips: Tonight’s episodes are Surprise Party and Doctor of Horror. Watch at your own peril.




What:Dupont Kalorama Museum Walk
When: Sat, Jun 2, 10am-4pm & Sun, Jun 3, 1pm-5pm
Where: Dupont Circle – Kalorama Road area
Metro: Dupont, Red
How Much: Free
Pro Tips: Add some of the lesser known museums to your DC bucket list, then check them off this weekend. This is one of the more exciting museum walks in the area since some of the galleries on this list usually charge a fee (NY style). Looks like you also get 10% discounts at some of the stores in the Dupont/Kalorama area. Fun times!


What: Washington Folk Festival

The 32nd Annual Washington Folk Festival showcases the diversity of traditional music in the Washington area. All musicians, storytellers, dancers, and crafstpeople live in the greater Washington metropolitan area and volunteer their talents to put on a first class festival of national renown. With performances representing cultures from around the world as well as around the country, it is your chance to find out what is going on in the folk communities of the area.
When: Sat, Jun 2 & Sun, Jun 3, 12-7pm
Where: Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD
Metro: Freindship Heights, Red line, then walk over the GEICO lot and take a free shuttle between 11am-8pm
How Much: FREE!
Pro Tips: DC’s folk scene is everything you could imagine from the host city of NPR. Plus, anyplace that’s got a Yurt Village is totally my weekend home away from home. Get ready for cheerful crafts, lively dance, and rip-roaring tales all spun together into the hand-dyed wool known as Community! Also, if you’ve never been to Glen Echo Park before for one of the contra-dances or lindy hops, then now’s the perfect opportunity to learn all about this former amusement park.


What: Asia After Dark:Afro-Asiatic Mash-up at the Sackler Gallery

The evening features a mash-up performance of Japanese vogue dance, theater, storytelling, and hip-hop music choreographed by visual artist iona rozeal brown and performed by soloist dancer Monstah Black. Guests can create an expressive mask using botanical symbols from all over Asia, make fun photo booth memories, and enjoy delicious Japanese fusion bites, specialty cocktails, dancing, and more.

Must be 21 years old with valid photo ID to attend.

Suggested attire: Japanese fashion meets hip-hop vogue

When: 8pm-12am
Where: Moongate Garden, Sackler Gallery, 1050 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC
Metro: Smithsonian, Blue/Orange
How Much: $25, tickets must be reserved in advance
Pro Tips: These things fill up like insane cakes, even with everything else going on tonight, so sign up and going by the suggested attire, get ready to get fierce.


What: Too Chili for June (Nerd Lunch)

Its our monthly Nerd Lunch. Come out to the Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon (across the street from the Clarendon Metro) for lively conversation and hardy food.

There are no genre specific movies coming out this weekend, but if anyone else has ideas for after the meetup please share with us! Hope you can make it!
When: 2pm
Where: Hard Rock Cafe, 3028 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA
Metro: Clarendon, Orange
How Much: $2 member fee
Pro Tips: Looks like quite a few people will be showing up to toss around the conversational ball and geek out to Hard Rock’s cuisine and soundtrack. Take a chill pill (the blue one, Neo, the blue one!) courtesy of the NOVA Browncoats.


What: River Run Ride and Picnic: A Full Moon Outing

The Full Moon will be out this Saturday, June 2nd and we are excited to again start up our Full Moon Outings that each time attracted at least one hundred riders last summer.

Be sure to wear light colors and join us for an evening mosey along the waterfront to enjoy the pleasures of a calm spring night. After meeting at the shop at 8pm, the moonlight will guide our ride through the city. Along the way, there will be some musical suprises. And, we will finish with a grand picnic on the boardwalk overlooking the water at Yards Park.

We are happy to present this event for free. Enjoy a great evening of riding, music, food, and refreshing beverages on us! The night will be full of simple fun!
When: 8pm-12am
Where: Bicycle Space, 1019 7th St NW, Washington, DC
Metro: Mt Vernon Sq/7th St/Convention Center, Green/Yellow
How Much: FREE!
Pro Tips: Dress like a mother effing steampunker and bike like a mother effing serious cyclist. The ride is kinda breezy but long and it’s all about stamina and who looks prettiest. If you’re not feeling the bicycle part of it, pedal your way over to Yards Park to greet all those lackadaisical good-for-nothings that took so long. Booze and Bikes and Being Beautiful forever!

Also, this gets you all prepped for next week’s Seersucker Social. 😀


What: Snow White and the Huntsman  w/Geek Night Out

In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen.
When: 7:15pm -9:30pm
Where: Regal Cinemas Gallery Place, 707 7th St NW, Washington DC
Metro: Chinatown/Gallery Place, Red
How Much: $13 for a regular movie ticket
Pro Tips: Keeps eyes on the site as plans evolve in the comments section. Looks like a pretty fun group of kids to go see the movie with, so enjoy watching Bella and Thor try to take down the hottest woman in the kingdom.

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Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Just found some Youtube videos of women kicking butt, and thought I would share. Maybe make a series? Wednesday Women Winning Wars?


Wonder Woman vs. Furies

from the DC animated film Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Wonder Woman and Big Barda doing what they do best: kicking ass and taking names.



Nikita Fights Everyone!

from Season 1 of CW show Nikita

Maggie Q as Nikita is seriously the best action hero on TV right now. It’s like watching an awesome, ass-kicking version of Mission Impossible every week, with Russian secret agents, shady government programs, and rogue


Black Widow Gets Interrogated

from Avengers

Everyone and their mother has seen this by now but it bears repeating. Don’t mess with the Black Widow.


Supergirl vs. Superman

from Super Best Friends Forever

BEST FIGHT EVER! Supergirl gives as good as she gets. And only another woman can stop her.


Cameron vs. Terminator

from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Some serious terminator on terminator action, which is just how we like our terminators, right?


River Tam vs. Everyone! (Plus special guests, Reavers)

from Serenity

Our favorite little psychotic psychic killer, River Tam takes all comers in these fight scenes. Sometimes the classics are just what you need.  Summer Glau strikes again.


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Last (Last) Friday Night

Last Geekend, I hit up Artomatic with geeks Third Strike and Darth Zissou,

Artomatic is a ginormous effing art exhibit set up across 10 stories in a soon to be demolished office building. If this sounds like the artistic community of a post-apocalyptic world, you probably wouldn’t be too far off.

Except, of course, this particular collection still includes such amenities as electricity, running water (barely), and roving carts of alcohol for sale.

Artomatic is seriously the most fun thing happening in town from now until June 23rd.

Here’s some evidence.

More photos in the Flickr Pool for District of Geeks.

Hie thee down to Artomatic this week for a free beer tasting, a free wine tasting, an Artists Trading Cards workshop, and some improv.

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Geekend: Memory, Pt. 3

A little late, I know but again, it’s Memorial Day, the ultimate sleep-in day. Woke up just in time for these events.


What: Memorial Day Gaming @ Cafe Luna
When: 12pm
Where: Cafe Luna, 1633 P St NW, Washington, DC
Metro: Dupont Circle, Red line
How Much: Free
Pro Tips: Meetup group, DC Games Deluxe, are hosting this particular event. Someone’s bringing Risk. Someone else is bringing Settlers of Catan. Bring your own game and get ready for a chill Memorial Day playing your favorite games.


Source: ddcmontana.com


What: Gottaswing Dance Showcase

Gottaswing, America’s largest exclusively swing dance instruction and dance event promotion company, presents a Memorial Day Swing Dance Party with music played by Lady Luck and the Suicide Kings and dance lessons taught by instructors Tom Koerner and Debra Sternberg at 5:00 p.m.
When: 5pm-6:30pm
Where: Kennedy Center
Metro: Foggy Bottom, Blue/orange lines, then take free Kennedy Center shuttle
How Much: Free
Pro Tips: Ready to get your patriotic dancing hips a-shakin’ ? Any band that calls themselves the Suicide Kings are clearly hardcore. Go early cause seats and space fill up quickly.



What: Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play

Armageddon has struck and the grid is down: no TV, no radio, no internet—how will life go on? For one group of tenacious survivors, sitting around a fire and reminiscing about The Simpsons proves to be the greatest escape from despair. Miraculously, from their collective memories, a new industry struggles to be born: a crude theatrical re-creation of the digital culture we can’t possibly live without.

When: 8pm-10pm
Where: Woolly Mammoth, 641 D St NW, Washington DC
Metro: Chinatown/Gallery Pl, Red line
How Much: Pay what you can.
Pro Tips: Monday, May 28th & Tuesday, May 29th, 8pm. Tickets sold at 6pm each evening, two per person, cash/check only. Lines begin forming around 5pm. Performances typically sell out.

What: Princess Mononoke
When: 6:45pm -9pm
Where: AFI Silver, 8633 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD
Metro: Silver Spring, Red line
How Much: $11.50
Pro Tips: Last day to catch this particular Ghibli gem on the big screen. If you’re going to remember a battle today, memorialize the crazy fantastical, environmental  one happening on screen tonight at the AFI Silver.


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Geekend: Memory, Pt 2

Welp, the weekend is looong. Which means more time for pools, parties, and cookouts. Let’s see if we can find you something to do in between.




What: Unpub Mini Festival

Our fifth Unpub Mini will be held at Labyrinth Game Shop in Washington, DC on Sunday May27, 2012 from 11am to 6pm! This miniature Unpublished Games Festival will contain the fun and excitement of Cartrunk Entertainment’s Annual Unpublished Games Festival just condensed for a smaller serving!
When: 11am-6pm
Where: Labyrinth Game Shop, 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington Dc
Metro: Eastern Market, Blue/Orange lines
How Much: Free
Pro tip: Get excited for this particular event since you might be playing the next big game to show up on Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop.


What: Board Games. At a Bar.

After a smashingly successful reunion tour, The bi-monthly Reddit Board Games (RBG) is now officially back for the spring and summer! Highly acclaimed as “the best way to spend a Sunday Afternoon” by Neckbeards Weekly Magazine, RBG is back on a bi-monthly schedule.

When: 2pm
Where: The Mighty Pint, 1831  M St NW, Washington, DC
Metro: Dupont Circle or Farragut North, Red line
How Much: Free
Pro tip: Get there early int eh afternoon ’cause tables fill up fast. Also, I’m pretty sure there are drink specials.


What: Memorial Day Weekend War Games

In town for the Memorial Day weekend?  Please join us for an afternoon of tactical and strategic war games.

I’ll bring “Conflict of Heroes: Storms of Steel” which is part of Uwe Eickert’s popular series.  These are World War II squad level board games that play out in 1-3 hours.  Eickert incorporates design elements from EuroGames and the series is very popular.

Please bring your copies of Risk, Axis and Allies, Tide of Iron and other tactical or Grand Strategy games that you would like to play.
When: 1pm-5pm
Where: Au Bon Pain, 1100 13th St NW, Washington, DC
Metro: McPherson Square, Blue/Orange lines
How Much: Free
Pro tip: Quite appropriate for Memorial Day weekend. Gird your loins and CHARGE!


What: Tumbler Tour

The Tumbler and the Bat-Pod are hitting the road and traveling across North America.Be sure to tweet your pics using the hashtag #TumblerTour or email them to wbtumblertour@gmail.com for a chance to be featured in our gallery.
When: 11am-1pm, 6pm-8pm
Where: 201 Waterfront St and Gaylord National Hotel, National Harbor, MD
Metro: None
How Much: Free
Pro tip: It’s your chance to dress like the Dark Knight and attempt to vault across the hood of the ultimate crimefighting machine!


What: Korean BBQ Potluck Picnic

Our fourth annual picnic, and the weather forecast is perfect! Yes, they really have kimchi burgers in Korea! The Korean Taco’s are a USA West Coast creation, and from that inspiration comes the East Coast version. We’ll also have regular burgers, sides, panchan, vegan/vegetarian options, and more!
When: 11am
Where: Jack’s Boathouse, 3500 K St NW, Washington DC
Metro: Foggy Bottom, Orange/Blue lines
How Much: Free
Pro tip: Sounds like a pretty chill time, and what is Memorial Day weekend without a cookout of some sort? Just, celebrate this one with Korean burgers!


What: Gamers Brunch at Piratz Tavern
When: 12pm -4pm
Where: Piratz Tavern, 8402 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD
Metro: Silver Spring, Red line
How Much: Maybe about $14 or so? From what I can remember.
Pro tip: Impromptu sword fights, belly dancing, pirate music, and all you can eat brunch. A wonderful way to keep your weekend swimming along.

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Geekend: Memory, Pt 1

Ah, who doesn’t remember our brave Jellicle Cats and the frightening Macavity.

No, this post isn’t all about Cats the Musical. As awesome as that would be. This is a post about what to do this weekend, in honor of Memory. I mean, Memorial Day. Time’s a-wasting, so hop into your time travel machine, fast forward to our long weekend, and hop to it.




Source: Lit Reactor

What: Balticon

Over 300 Hours of Multi-Track Programming featuring authors, publishers, editors, artists, scientists, musicians and other creative SF luminaries. Join over a thousand SF fans for the area’s largest and longest running convention of its kind! Visit our huge art show, dealer’s room, concerts, dances, gaming room, computer room and video room. Everything Science Fiction and Fantasy in one huge package.
When: Friday, May 25th thru Monday, May 28th
Where: Marriott’s Hunt Valley Inn, 245 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031
Metro: Nope. Try taking the Marc/Amtrak train up to Penn Station, then catching the Light Rail.
How Much: $62 for the full weekend and single day registration is now available.
Pro tip: The premier SF and Fantasy event. This is for the real literary geeks, who follow the Nebula Awards and Hugo Awards and maybe have a subscription to Locus.


What: Jazz in the Garden

The Jazz in the Garden Series begins its 12th season May 25. The free concert series features an array of jazz artists performing a wide variety of styles—including salsa, blusion, vibraphone, and Afrofunk—every Friday evening from 5:00 to 8:30 at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden.
When: 5pm-8:30pm
Where: National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, National Mall at 7th Street and Constitution Avenue NW, Washington DC
Metro: Penn Quarter/National Archives/Navy Memorial, Green/Yellow lines
How Much: Free
Pro tip: This is one of the busiest and most happening free events during DC summers because it combines all of the things we Washingtonians love, as encapsulated by Marianne, a DC artist whose print w/a quote from Keats really says it all. Pack a picnic and a blanket, and make sure someone in your group gets there early enough to stake out a piece of real estate. The first concert of the summer spotlights the Tom Principato Band.


What: Friday Night Frights

Every Friday from 7:00 to 8:30, we’ll be screening two episodes of Tales from the Crypt, starting from the beginning. This week is Staired in Horror and In the Groove, with delicious drink specials.
When: 6:45pm-9pm
Where: Black Cat, 1811 14th St NW, Washington DC
Metro: U Street/Cardozo/African American Memorial, Green/Yellow lines
How Much: Free
Pro tip: Seems like the meetup group Geek Night Out has a pretty chill group of kids going to this thing semi-regularly. Definitely worth checking out. Especially if you’d like to re-watch the Crypt Keeper and figure out if this shit is as scary as you remember. Man, remember Goosebumps, too?


What: The Lady Vanishes Screening at Artisphere

While traveling in continental Europe a rich, young playgirl realizes that an elderly lady seems to have disappeared from the train.

This screening is part of Artisphere’s Alfred Hitchcock: The Early Years Film Series. Before there was Vertigo, The Birds and Rear Window, Hitchcock directed films for over a decade that—beyond simply laying the groundwork for his later works—are considered masterpieces in their own right. Every Friday in May, Artisphere will screen a different classic from the “master of suspense” released before 1940.
When: 8pm
Where: Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA
Metro: Rosslyn, Blue/Orange lines
How Much: $8
Pro tip:  If you’re a fan of early Hitchcock, this is the film for you! While you’re there, check out the immensely entertaining exhibits and presentations going on throughout the building. The one on retro-futuristic visions of space might be of especial interest.


What: Urban Corp Hip Hop Battle and Dance Party
When: 9pm
Where: Artisphere, 1101 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA
Metro: Rosslyn, Blue/Orange lines
How Much: $5
Pro tip: Apparently, Artisphere is pulling out all the stops for Friday night. Here’s a video of DCypher, one of our local dance crews, to help you sort out what’s what. Get ready to bust a move and pull a few muscles. Think this scene from Step Up, or that scene from Step Up 2, or all the scenes from Step Up 3.




What: Celebrate Hawai’i Festival

In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the museum welcomes Hawaiian artists, performers, and practitioners of traditional Hawaiian healing and culture. Visitors can learn about living a life of “aloha” by watching and learning about hula, watching films and presentations, and meeting and greeting our Hawaiian guests.
When: 10:30am-5pm
Where: National Museum of the American Indian,  National Mall at 4th St SW and Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC
Metro: Federal Center, Orange/Blue lines
How Much: Free, but tickets required and are available in the imagiNATIONS Activity Center on the Third Level. First come, first served. Programs begin on the half hour.
Pro tip: As dearly as we all love Lilo and Stitch and Hawaii 5-0, there’s something to be said for learning in more depth about the culture of our most exotic state, Wisconsin.


What: Eurovision at the Austrian Embassy

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual competition held among the 44 active member countries of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Eurovision has been broadcast every year since its inauguration in 1956 and is one of the longest-running and most-watched television programs in the world: audience figures have been estimated at nearly 600 million people internationally.
When: 2pm-7pm
Where: Embassy of Austria, 3524 International Court NW, Washington, DC
Metro: Van Ness, Red line
How Much: $10,  comes with one drink
Pro tip: Get ready to laugh your ass off. This is seriously nothing like American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent. Neither talent nor the Euro seem to be the currency of trade here. I say it’s out and out ridiculosity. And yes, that’s not a word but it really does encompass the crazy crackiness of watching this thing. Take the space cadets above. They’re known as Jedward.


What: Zou Bisou Bisou Party

We have music performances, a dance party, an enchanted teepee garden, plenty of St. Germain cocktails, plenty of Stella beers and more, all waiting for you.
Where: The Embassy of France, 4101 Reservoir Rd NW, Washington, DC 20007
Metro: Foggy Bottom, Orange/Blue lines or Dupont Circle, Red line then take a bus/shuttle
How Much: $22.09 here. Buy your tickets in advance cuz they’re certainly going to be sold out by the time you reach the door.
Pro tip: After that episode of Mad Men, everyone should know Zou Bisou Bisou and be absolutely in love with the idea of a ZBB party. Buy your tickets now, and worry about getting home from the event later. For those of us who’re waiting on the Seersucker Social later this yeart. 🙂



What: Decentralized Dance Party

What is a Decentralized Dance Party (DDP)?
The DDP is a portable, battery-powered Party System.
It was invented by Tom and Gary, two gentlemen from Vancouver.
It consists of hundreds of Party people, carrying boomboxes, and a DJ who wears a backpack, containing an FM radio transmitter.
When: 8pm-Midnight
Where: TBA
Metro: TBA
How Much: Free!
Pro tip: Epic Dance Party! Sign up for the mailing list so you’ll be in the know by today. And get ready to SUIT UP! This is the Business Tour! Here’s some inspiration for y’all. Business Time. Suit UP!

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