Early Edition (No, not the one with Coach Tayler)

This is the early edition of the Geekend (wish it had Coach Tayler), cuz you boys and girls deserve it. TREAT. YO. SELF. Ben Wyatt style from Parks and Recreation.




What: Free Showing of Pride and Prejudice

Join us for the final installment of our Jane Austen Film Fest on July 25th with Pride and Prejudice (2005). Relax on our lawn while enjoying this modern classic while eating cupcakes and sipping wine. Cafe Bonaparte will be making and selling a selection of their wonderful sweet & savory crepes. Water, soda, candy, and freshly-made popcorn will also be available. 
When: 7pm-11pm
Where: Dumbarton House, 2715 Q Street NW, Washington, DC
Metro: Blue/Orange, Foggy Bottom OR Red, Dupont Circle
How Much: Admission is free but reservations will receive priority entry until 7:30pm, at which time any available space will be released to at-the-door guests. Reserve now.
Pro Tip: It’s over north of Georgetown, which means a thirty minute walk over to the Foggy Bottom stop  or a fifteen minute walk over to Dupont Circle stop, so this might have to be a neighborhood affair or you’ll want to call a cab to take you back to the metro afterwards, just in case trains are running kinda wonky. Seems like fun and Dumbarton House is an awesome place to watch a movie outdoors. Also, rain date is July 26th.


WhatFree Showing of The Incredibles

 A family of undercover superheroes, while trying to live the quiet suburban life, are forced into action to save the world.
When: 7-9:30pm
Where: Loree Grand field, at 2nd & L Sts. NE
Metro: Red, NOMA/Gallaudet U
How Much: Free
Pro Tip: Get there at 7pm to set up your blanket and settle in with food from your fridge or from one of the food trucks parked on the field.  And remember, NO CAPES!




Source: Annie Wu

What: Crash the Parks and Rec Film Set

Y’all know what Parks and Recreation is, right? Well, all I can say is, WELCOME TO DC, Pawnee-ans. Maybe you can teach us a bit of something in this election year.
When: Thursday 9:30am-4pm and Friday, 5am-11pm
Where: 6th Street between Penn and Constitution,  8th Street between F and D; D Street between 7th and 9th; E Street between 12th and 13th
Metro: Red, Gallery Place/Chinatown; Green/Yellow, Archives
How Much: Free, except for all that Starbucks coffee you’re going to be downing trying to stay awake and inconspicuous
Pro Tip: Some of the DC area redditors were talking about making their way over.  Go check out the thread on their Facebook page. Also, download Adam Warrock’s FREE Parks and Rec songs to get you ready to campaign on behalf of Pawnee’s most dedicated public servant.  Treat Yo SELF!


What: Board Game Night @ Labyrinth

Join fellow geeks – getting their game on at Labyrinth Board Game night.

There are plenty of games to play but if you have something that’s near and dear to your heart please bring it along. There is a $3 suggested donation for this event that goes to helping out the store.
When: 6-10pm
Where: Labyrinth Game Shop, 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington DC
Metro: Blue/Orange, Eastern Market
How Much: $3 donation suggested but no worries
Pro Tip: Dude. Come as close to 6pm as possible. Tables fill up fast, and then the kids table, and then the floor. It’s a great place to meet other board gamers and have an awesome frakking time.  Also, Geek Night Out is the host, so plenty of peeps to geek out with.  Also, as with most Geek Night Out events, looks like they’ll be getting dinner beforehand as well. Keep checking the thread, but it looks like Good Stuff Eatery for now.


What: Brush up on your Klingon!

In an evening that’s sure to get people talking, Adams takes a look at how and why invented languages come about, from the lunar language of Francis Goodwin’s The Man in the Moone (1638) to that of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy and MMPORGs (mass multiplayer online role-playing games). Joining him is linguist Marc Okrand, inventor of the Klingon language and a contributor to Adams’ volume. Actors Andrew Shull-Miller and Chuck Young, a company member of WSC Avant Bard, will demonstrate an invented language in action.

When: 6:45- 8:45pm
Where: S. Dillon Ripley Center, 1100 Jefferson Dr SW, Washington DC
Metro: Blue/Orange, Smithsonian
How Much: Dude, $40. This better be worth it, is all I’m saying.
Pro Tip: If you have spent any amount of time marveling at the world-building elements involved in creating a new language, this is the lecture for you! To be quite honest, I can’t think of a single nerdier thing to do this weekend, and that includes Otakon. One geek to rule them all!





Otakus unite for the biggest anime convention in the area. Cosplayers and cartoon fans alike are welcome to this anime fest of epic proportions. Thursday is simply for those who have pre-Registered and pre-Paid online to pick up their badges so that Friday can be a stress-free day of OTAKON-ing!
When: July 27th-29th
Where: Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD
Metro: Green, Greenbelt -> B30 shuttle bus to BWI airport -> Light rail from BWI to Baltimore
How Much: $80
Pro Tip: Get there early, with a game plan and certainly a costume. Even if you do get there early, get ready for some epic lines. At least there’ll be awesome stuff to look at while you’re waiting. If you get in on Thursday, check out Baltimore. It’s fun times, and any city that birthed John Waters will be more than accepting of your Death Note cosplay group hanging out at a bar.


What: Bike to the Future

This is your once-in-a-century opportunity to get intergalactic with cybernetic cycleborgs, stellar spokes-models, and parsecs of Plutonian pedalers! What are you waiting for? Invite, build, or beam down your  prom date(s), strap on a pair of SPD moon boots, and get ready to Bike…to the Future!
When: 9pm-12am
Where: Black Cat, 1811 14th St NW, Washington DC
Metro: Green/Yellow, U St/Cardozo/African American Memorial
How Much: $15
Pro Tip: Dress like your favorite robot (I say, go for liquid metal Terminator) and get pumped to talk gears and GEAR SHIFTS!


What: Art-o-Mat Swap Meet

The museum’s Art-o-mat is a retrofitted cigarette machine that sells original artworks for five dollars. Meet some of the artists behind the works, watch them make artpaks like the ones found in the Art-o-mat, and then make your own to swap with your friends! Local musicians perform, and a cash bar is available during the program.
When: 1-4:30pm
Where: Third Floor, American Art Museum, 8th and F Streets NW, Washington, DC
Metro: Red, Gallery Place/Chinatown
How Much: Free
Pro Tip: Unleash your inner five year old. You know, the one that relished painting and drawing and making a piece of art that eventually found its way onto your parents’ fridge. Now, it can make its way onto your friend or significant other’s fridge. Yep. How we have grown.




Source: Innocentlight.com

What: Geek Night Out Book Club – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Join Geek Night Out for a discussion on Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a science fiction comedy series created by Douglas Adams. Originally a radio comedy broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1978, it was later adapted to other formats, and over several years it gradually became an international multi-media phenomenon.
When: 1-3pm
Where: Teaism Penn Quarter, 400 8th St NW, Washington DC
Metro: Green/Yellow, Archives/Navy Memorial/Penn Quarter
How Much: Free
Pro Tip: Bring a towel.


What: Happy Birthday, Harry Potter Party!

Our Fifth Annual Harry Potter Birthday Party! This event will feature Quidditch playing, grilling, dining, talking HP and HP themed games. Bring your broom, Kate, Head of Magical Games, has the quidditch goals, quaffle, bludgers and snitch. Please bring a food dish to share – appetizer, dessert, or main dish. We will provide drinks and paper goods. The cost for the park is $70 so I will be charging $5/person or $10/family.
Where: Dunn Loring Park, 2540 Gallows Rd, Dunn Loring, VA
Metro: Cadge a ride on someone’s broomstick, or stick a thumb out for the Knight Bus
How Much: $5 to cover park costs
Pro Tip: Go for the snitch. Screw scoring with the Quaffle.


WhatFree Showing of Hugo

Free outdoor family-friendly movies will be screened this summer in downtown Bethesda. The Bethesda Urban Partnership will present five evenings of modern and classic cinema at the annual Bethesda Outdoor Movies: Stars on the Avenue. Attendees are encouraged to arrive early and bring their own lawn chairs. A limited number of chairs will be provided.
When: 9pm-11pm
Where: Woodmont Triangle, the corner of Norfolk and Auburn Avenues
Metro: Red, Bethesda
How Much: Free
Pro Tip:One of my favorite films from the past year, it’s a love letter to early filmmaking and a visual treat all the way. No wonder it won all those awards at the Oscars last year. Bring an umbrella and some tissues. It’s gonna be raining (tears)!


What: Medieval Story Land

The hilarious story of a simple–minded elf named Todd and his quest to save Medieval Story Land from the certain destruction of the evil “Dark Black Darkness.” Think Forrest Gump meets Lord of the Rings meets Monty Python.

When: 7:15-9pm
Where: Studio Theatre, 1501 14th St NW, Washington DC
Metro: Green/Yellow, U St/Cardozo/African American Memorial
How Much: $17, plus $5 Fringe button
Pro Tip: Today and tomorrow at 12 noon are the last chances to see this hilarious and well-reviewed show at the Fringe Festival. I’d hop on it, if I were you.


What: DC Zinefest

The DC Zinefest is an independent event organized to provide a space for zine makers, self-published artists and writers to share their work with each other and the Washington D.C. community. We hope to support a community that is based in do-it-yourself practices and ethics through providing the opportunity to expo, workshop, and hang out with zines. If we don’t do it ourselves, no one will do it for us.
When: 11am-5pm
Where: St Stephens Church, 1525 Newton St NW, Washington, DC
Metro: Green/Yellow, Columbia Heights
How much: Free
Pro tips: Get your freak on, and finish a zine in time to hawk it at the DC Zinefest. Or throw it over the crowd for free like holy water or Halloween candy. If that’s not your ish, then go see what your creative DC counterparts are up to.




What: Aladdin Sing-a-Long
When: 11:45am-1:30pm
Where: Arlington Cinema n’ Drafthouse, 2903  Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA
Metro: Not really.
How Much: $10
Pro tips: Come dressed as Abu and make “every moment red letter“! Also, cuz I can’t help myself, here’re some vids to get you ready, vocally and mentally.



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