Monday Music: 8-bit, Bro.

For those of us growing up with Atari and Nintendo, there’s always been a fascination with the old-school sound of 8-bit arcade soundtracks. There’s something still so futuristic about it. Futuristic and yet comfortingly retro. Anyways, the Art of Video Games is still up at the American Art Museum, and will be ’til school starts back up again in September, so go check it out. Also, you guys, Disney’ coming out with an arcade game movie in November ! In the meantime, here’s some 8-bit sh!t to get you through the week.


Wreck-it Ralph. Not technically 8-bit, but a love letter to the whole arcade culture.


Helix Nebula by Anamanaguchi

Anamanaguchi is that chiptune band that did the soundtrack for the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World video game .

A collection of Atari games set to various 8-bit game soundtracks. Well worth checking out.


Do Ya Thing by Gorillaz

Again, not straight up 8-bit but it’s got that beepity boop that I associate with the genre, so I threw it in there. Also, it’s a pretty hilarious messed up video. Thank yew, Gorillaz.


Tron Legacy 8-Bit Remix by Midimachine


Theme for Digital Estate Planning by Dan Harmon

HAHAHA, yes! It’s stuff like this that is the reason why we watch Community, my friends.

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