Monday Music: The Internet Sings About the Internet

Let’s face it. The Internet has long had a narcissistic and beautifully loving relationship with itself. So is it any wonder that geeks take every opportunity ever to sing about its wonders and horrors? Here are some examples.


I Google You

By Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman

Two people who are so effing creative it makes my teeth hurt, and here’s just one little gem to give you a taste of the millions and billions of artful, creative, awesome things they’ve done. As a geek, I fully expect you to know who these two are. And if you don’t, go find out.


The Google+ Song

by Katie Hines and Sean Motley (Break Originals)

A song for those of us on the fence about this newfangled Google Plus. Apparently, it’s just as addictive as that old-timer Facebook. And now there’s a song to prove it, set to “Another One Bites the Dust”. Really, just proving that Queen reigns supreme, and is infinitely copycat-able?


Ode to Merton by Ben Folds

Ben Folds is so nerdy cool it hurts. When he’s the one on The Sing-Off sounding like a college music theory professor(rubbing seconds, really?), I’m right there cheering him on.

In case you didn’t catch it the first time around, Merton was a Ben Folds look-a-like who ran around chat roulette singing improptu ballads to everyone who stuck around longer than a second. Then Ben Folds found out and decided that what his concerts really needed was more penis. Well, no, not really. But he did incorporate the whole idea into a couple of really magnificent sessions of “Ode to Merton.” Enjoy.

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