Podcast Shmodcast

Local coterie of comic book connoisseurs, Menagerie of Kick-Assery was gracious enough to have me as a guest speaker on a couple of their podcasts. Being the smart geeks that they are, they plied me with some beer before letting me mumble into the mike. The first podcast is available now, at The Menagerie of Kick-Assery site.

Menagerie of Kick-Assery: Podcast 60, The Melting Pot

“Will Smith decks aliens, space vacations, and a galaxy far, far away. Are we talking about Men in Black 3? Of course not. (Why waste time on that?) This episode: The Show About Nothing and Everything.”


My thanks to hosts, Troy-Jeffrey Allen, Gene Green, and That Urban Punk .


Go to the site and download for free because the only thing you could possibly waste at this point is more of your time.


About DistrictofGeeks

A small geeky fish making it's way through the District of Geeks!
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