District Geeks Who Make Stuff

Who knew? Our district is chock full of creative people getting their CRAFT on! From Etsy, a sampling of the truly hilarious and geeky stuff you can buy off of local creators and craftsters. For a fuller and more constantly updated collection, visit the CRAFTY DISTRIC GEEK BASTARDS board.


TARDIS Light-up Pin

A TARDIS bow with a light-up center?! For all those times you could swear you heard the agonizing wheezing of that big, blue box in the sky. The sheer geeky genius of this particular piece is hard to describe. Suffice it to say that it turns on all the time-wimey, wibbly-wobbly, ball of emotions in my heart. Find it at Little Asian Sweatshop.


Time Travel is Yesterday’s News by tinaseamonster

Yeah, I already know about tomorrow’s headline. Geez, where’ve you been? Obviously not at Tina Sea Monster’s store. Check it out for some zombie goodness and happy unicorn happiness. That last part was a lie. Get ready for some unicorn sadness.


Ethereal Light by Dean Kuhta

An incredibly talented artist who’s taken it upon himself to create some awesome prints of the fantastic and horrifying. His etsy store is Twisted Oak Press and there are a few other prints worth checking out.


Ewok Figurine by Marmota Cafe

The arms say HUGS! But the Rage Face says KILL! Which will win in the end? Buy one from Marmota Cafe and you can decide for yourself.


Keats in Dupont Circle by Marianne

For all you bookworms, dreamers, poets, and literates: dreamy Keats set in what might be Dupont Circle. Also, your new motto for the summer. The cool thing about DC is our proximity to this behemoth institution known for serving the public and that public service seems to include

I’m guessing my butt off here but I think I’m right about Dupont Circle. If anyone wants to confirm, please do. Available at The Art Of Observation.


Francis Owlington by tigerflight

Looks enormously like Beeker from The Muppet Show. But that just makes him cuter, doesn’t it. Also, with the current penchant for owls and really, birds of all sorts, pop on some “I Believe I Can Fly” and zoom into cuteness heaven with this one or one of its brothers and sisters. Available at Tigerflight’s etsy store.


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A small geeky fish making it's way through the District of Geeks!
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