Monday Music: My Keytar Never Sounded This Cool

Um, what?! This is totally what I imagined it sounded like when I used to play with this. I’m absolutely in love with this idea of giving the DJ even more mobility to create and mix and play on the fly. The Ableton Live and Novation Launchpad seem like everything an internet-donwumint, electric keyboard playing, dubstep grinding. DJ machine could ever want.


Midi Fighter Ableton 2012 Winner

By DJ Tech Tools

Way to introduce some truly impressive beats into the mix. It’s easy to see how this swept the competition. This is also the best showcase I’ve seen for sheer artistry in the form. This really turns the tech into an instrument instead of just a tool.


Live Dubstep Jam

by williet8

Exactly what is says on the cover.


6 Launchpads & Abletons

by thesecondwall

Looking for sheer volume play? Here it is.


Tribute to the Hip Hop Masters pt. 2

by kevinguoh

A much more chill take with a lyrical run-through, jazzy percussions, and soul samples. Like one of the commenters states, takes a while to get going but once it does, it’s some funky times ahead.



by newmodernscience

Another chill take. The vibe is absolutely 2:17am, on the empty streets, walking through a ghost town full of neon lights and weird noises off in the distance. For anyone who’s made their way home from the club on a late summer night, through the city, this is your song.


Pop Culture Mashup

by Madeon

Absolutely in love with this mashup. Dude’s like, 12 years old. Okay, not really. But 18. Here’s a video of him performing live.


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