Geekend: June Bug




What: Shree 420 Showing at the Freer Gallery

Referring to the Indian penal code statute for fraud, Shree 420 is perhaps Kapoor’s most famous incarnation of his onscreen tramp persona. Arriving in the big city to make his fortune, country bumpkin Raju (Kapoor) is introduced to the urban underworld following brief encounters with a moralistic oligarch and a Cassandra-like beggar. Wooing the honest schoolteacher Vidya (Nargis) while secretly dipping into a life of gambling and petty fraud, Raju is inexorably drawn into more dangerous criminal territory.
When: 7pm-10pm
Where: Meyer Auditorium, Freer Gallery, 1200 Jefferson Dr SW, Washington, DC
Metro: Smithsonian, Blue/Orange
How Much: Free
Pro Tips: For early Bollywood, you can’t beat the free film series the Freer Gallery has going on right now. Part of the Raj Kapoor and the Golden Age of Bollywood retrospective, go ahead and educate yourself. It can’t all be Kal Ho Naa Ho and Main Hoon Na and Veer Zaara and Sharukh Khan all the time. Can it?


What: Washington Science Fiction Association Meetup
When: 9pm-11pm
Where: Register to find out
Metro: Register to find out
How Much: Free, although it’s always nice to bring something to the table
Pro Tips:

The Washington Science Fiction Association, founded in 1947, is the oldest science fiction group in the greater Washington, DC, area. Our interests cover a wide range, including science fiction, science fact, fantasy, and many related fields.

Each year we run Capclave, our regional science fiction convention, and we have helped sponsor worldwide conventions such as the World Science Fiction Convention and the World Fantasy Convention. In addition, the club administers the WSFA Small Press Award, an annual award for short stories published by a small press in science fiction, fantasy, horror, or related fiction genres. WSFA Press publishes anthologies and collections of stories and the WSFA Journal prints minutes of meetings and writings by members and friends.

Non-members are encouraged to attend our regular meetings, held on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. These gatherings include a brief business meeting, followed by light refreshments and conversation. Occasionally, we also hold other events, such as parties and trips to see movies. Our regular meetings are held in members’ homes in the greater DC area. For more information and directions, visit our home on the web at


What: Silhouettes in a Snap
When: 12pm-5pm
Where: Labyrinth Games Shop, 645 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC
Metro: Eastern Market, Blue/Orange
How Much: $25 for single silhouette, $45 for two people
Pro Tips: So, really, when else will you get the opportunity to have your profile cut out, in front of you, by hand for reals?! Show up with a mohawk and see if that phases the artist, Keith Donaldson. My guess? Not so much. If you want your silhouette cut out, you’ll have to call Labyrinth at 202-544-1059 or email to RSVP for an appointment.


What: Friday Night Frights
When: 7pm-8:30pm
Where: Black Cat, 1811 14th St, Washington, Dc
Metro: U St/Cardozo/African American Memorial, Green/Yellow
How Much: Free
Pro Tips: Tonight’s episodes are Surprise Party and Doctor of Horror. Watch at your own peril.




What:Dupont Kalorama Museum Walk
When: Sat, Jun 2, 10am-4pm & Sun, Jun 3, 1pm-5pm
Where: Dupont Circle – Kalorama Road area
Metro: Dupont, Red
How Much: Free
Pro Tips: Add some of the lesser known museums to your DC bucket list, then check them off this weekend. This is one of the more exciting museum walks in the area since some of the galleries on this list usually charge a fee (NY style). Looks like you also get 10% discounts at some of the stores in the Dupont/Kalorama area. Fun times!


What: Washington Folk Festival

The 32nd Annual Washington Folk Festival showcases the diversity of traditional music in the Washington area. All musicians, storytellers, dancers, and crafstpeople live in the greater Washington metropolitan area and volunteer their talents to put on a first class festival of national renown. With performances representing cultures from around the world as well as around the country, it is your chance to find out what is going on in the folk communities of the area.
When: Sat, Jun 2 & Sun, Jun 3, 12-7pm
Where: Glen Echo Park, 7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD
Metro: Freindship Heights, Red line, then walk over the GEICO lot and take a free shuttle between 11am-8pm
How Much: FREE!
Pro Tips: DC’s folk scene is everything you could imagine from the host city of NPR. Plus, anyplace that’s got a Yurt Village is totally my weekend home away from home. Get ready for cheerful crafts, lively dance, and rip-roaring tales all spun together into the hand-dyed wool known as Community! Also, if you’ve never been to Glen Echo Park before for one of the contra-dances or lindy hops, then now’s the perfect opportunity to learn all about this former amusement park.


What: Asia After Dark:Afro-Asiatic Mash-up at the Sackler Gallery

The evening features a mash-up performance of Japanese vogue dance, theater, storytelling, and hip-hop music choreographed by visual artist iona rozeal brown and performed by soloist dancer Monstah Black. Guests can create an expressive mask using botanical symbols from all over Asia, make fun photo booth memories, and enjoy delicious Japanese fusion bites, specialty cocktails, dancing, and more.

Must be 21 years old with valid photo ID to attend.

Suggested attire: Japanese fashion meets hip-hop vogue

When: 8pm-12am
Where: Moongate Garden, Sackler Gallery, 1050 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC
Metro: Smithsonian, Blue/Orange
How Much: $25, tickets must be reserved in advance
Pro Tips: These things fill up like insane cakes, even with everything else going on tonight, so sign up and going by the suggested attire, get ready to get fierce.


What: Too Chili for June (Nerd Lunch)

Its our monthly Nerd Lunch. Come out to the Hard Times Cafe in Clarendon (across the street from the Clarendon Metro) for lively conversation and hardy food.

There are no genre specific movies coming out this weekend, but if anyone else has ideas for after the meetup please share with us! Hope you can make it!
When: 2pm
Where: Hard Rock Cafe, 3028 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA
Metro: Clarendon, Orange
How Much: $2 member fee
Pro Tips: Looks like quite a few people will be showing up to toss around the conversational ball and geek out to Hard Rock’s cuisine and soundtrack. Take a chill pill (the blue one, Neo, the blue one!) courtesy of the NOVA Browncoats.


What: River Run Ride and Picnic: A Full Moon Outing

The Full Moon will be out this Saturday, June 2nd and we are excited to again start up our Full Moon Outings that each time attracted at least one hundred riders last summer.

Be sure to wear light colors and join us for an evening mosey along the waterfront to enjoy the pleasures of a calm spring night. After meeting at the shop at 8pm, the moonlight will guide our ride through the city. Along the way, there will be some musical suprises. And, we will finish with a grand picnic on the boardwalk overlooking the water at Yards Park.

We are happy to present this event for free. Enjoy a great evening of riding, music, food, and refreshing beverages on us! The night will be full of simple fun!
When: 8pm-12am
Where: Bicycle Space, 1019 7th St NW, Washington, DC
Metro: Mt Vernon Sq/7th St/Convention Center, Green/Yellow
How Much: FREE!
Pro Tips: Dress like a mother effing steampunker and bike like a mother effing serious cyclist. The ride is kinda breezy but long and it’s all about stamina and who looks prettiest. If you’re not feeling the bicycle part of it, pedal your way over to Yards Park to greet all those lackadaisical good-for-nothings that took so long. Booze and Bikes and Being Beautiful forever!

Also, this gets you all prepped for next week’s Seersucker Social. 😀


What: Snow White and the Huntsman  w/Geek Night Out

In a twist to the fairy tale, the Huntsman ordered to take Snow White into the woods to be killed winds up becoming her protector and mentor in a quest to vanquish the Evil Queen.
When: 7:15pm -9:30pm
Where: Regal Cinemas Gallery Place, 707 7th St NW, Washington DC
Metro: Chinatown/Gallery Place, Red
How Much: $13 for a regular movie ticket
Pro Tips: Keeps eyes on the site as plans evolve in the comments section. Looks like a pretty fun group of kids to go see the movie with, so enjoy watching Bella and Thor try to take down the hottest woman in the kingdom.


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