Kicking Butt and Taking Names

Just found some Youtube videos of women kicking butt, and thought I would share. Maybe make a series? Wednesday Women Winning Wars?


Wonder Woman vs. Furies

from the DC animated film Superman/Batman Apocalypse

Wonder Woman and Big Barda doing what they do best: kicking ass and taking names.



Nikita Fights Everyone!

from Season 1 of CW show Nikita

Maggie Q as Nikita is seriously the best action hero on TV right now. It’s like watching an awesome, ass-kicking version of Mission Impossible every week, with Russian secret agents, shady government programs, and rogue


Black Widow Gets Interrogated

from Avengers

Everyone and their mother has seen this by now but it bears repeating. Don’t mess with the Black Widow.


Supergirl vs. Superman

from Super Best Friends Forever

BEST FIGHT EVER! Supergirl gives as good as she gets. And only another woman can stop her.


Cameron vs. Terminator

from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Some serious terminator on terminator action, which is just how we like our terminators, right?


River Tam vs. Everyone! (Plus special guests, Reavers)

from Serenity

Our favorite little psychotic psychic killer, River Tam takes all comers in these fight scenes. Sometimes the classics are just what you need.  Summer Glau strikes again.



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