Musicality Monday: Fan-Made Muzak

Just to get you ready for the week. Here’s some muzak made by fans.


Private Lessons ft. Tahno

by chongthenomad

Tahno’s voice was apparently so sexy we had to have it in techno form. OF COURSE! I’m surprised we hadn’t thought of this before, with Zuko’s voice. Thank you, Rami Malek, for your abs, your pretty, pretty eyes, and your fantastic voice.


Leslie Knope 2012 (Parks and Recreation Campaign Song)

by Adam Warrock

If the Parks and Recs rap doesn’t do it for you (which is to say, you hate Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson and Tom Haverford, and WHO ARE YOU?!), then try the Browncoats Mixtape or the Downton Abbey rap or the Lion King fan rap and  . . . well, you get the idea. This man can rap AND he’s a geek. Holy fandoms colliding, Batman. Speaking of which, here’s a Marvel vs. DC rap he rapped.

Also, Warrock will be making an appearance in our neck of the United States at the Super Art Fest 2012 in Baltimore, MD on May 19th. It’ll be at the Metro Gallery in the Station North area.


The National Mall

By Bluebrain

For purchase only, thru the Apple Apps Store, this is a soundtrack of location-aware music that changes based on your location on the National Mall. Fan music for Washington DC, created by a Washington DC-based group, for peeps enjoying the splendor that is Washington DC. Could I possibly type Washington DC any more times? Really not, but if you’ve got one of those newfangled smartphones, go ahead and check this out. Just watch out for all the construction happening on our Nation’s lawn.



Get Back to Hogwarts (from The Very Potter Musical)

by Team Starkid

Hey, remember Darren Criss when he was a singing, angsting, douchey Harry Potter in a musical that he co-wrote? Yeah, me, too. Those were good times. The very definition of fan-made, this musical is the very heart of what can be done when fans come together in a beautiful, beautiful melding of talent, boredom, imagination, and a healthy dose of WTF-ery. If you haven’t seen it yet, I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life. Also, the above illustration would make a 150% more sense. RUMBLERAWR!


Inception Trailer A Capella

by Googenheimer

Not technically music but hilariously impressive nonetheless. Also, I swear to god, every time the dude BWWWAAAAHHHHH’s I burst out laughing. It’s just such a ridiculous sound to be issuing forth from someone’s mouth.


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