Welcome to the Geekend: Everyone and Their Mother

Hope you all enjoyed your COMIC BOOK WEEKEND last week. Time to gear up for another hardcore weekend of enjoying the heck out of this weather and simultaneously taking advantage of all the geeky goodness available in DC.

You up for the challenge? Is your mother? Am I going to make a mom joke? Heck, no! It’s Mother’s Day Weekend. Be nice to your mother, and maybe take her to go see the Simpsons play over at the Woolly Mammoth.

Here’s some Tron: Legacy to get you in the mood. Speaking of getting in the mood, people, what are we doing about getting The FP shown in our town?




What: Song 1: A Happening

If you haven’t seen the Doug Aitken’s 360 degree projection on the outside of the Hirshhorn building yet, this might be the right time. The recorded soundtrack of the projection will be shut off for one night and live music will be provided by No Age, High Places, Oneohtrix Point Never and Nicolas Jaar — some of the artists on the recorded soundtrack. A concert. Outside. With art. What’s keeping you? – WaPo
When: Independence Ave and 7th St SE, Washington, DC
Where: Hirshhorn Museum,
Metro: Smithsonian, Blue/Orange lines
How Much: $26.50
Tips: Buy tix here. Read about the installation here. Watch a trailer here.


What: 48 Hour Film Project

A competition for do-it-yourself filmmakers: they’re given a genre, a prop, a character and a line of dialogue. The rest is up to them! AFI Silver welcomes back the 11th edition of the wildly popular 48 Hour Film Project, with this year’s Washington, DC-area films screening May 8 through 11, followed by the “Best Of” screenings on May 24. – AFI Silver

Each screening of the 48 Hour Film Project is different, featuring a unique program of films. For individual show schedules and information about the 48 Hour Film Project, visit 48hourfilm.com

Shows tend to sell out; advance tickets are recommended. Tickets go on sale at noon on April 30.
When: 7pm or 9:30pm
Where: AFI Silver, 8633 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD
Metro: Silver Spring, Red line
How Much: $11.50
Tips: This is the last night to catch this heroically creative effort at making a film in 48 hours. Lines are long, people are pumped, so get in line early to get your tix.


What: Friday Night Frights

Every Friday from 7:00 to 8:30, we’ll be screening two episodes of Tales from the Crypt, starting from the beginning. This week is Revenge is the Nuts and The Bribe, with delicious drink specials. – Black Cat
When: 7pm-8:30pm
Where: Black Cat, 1811 14th St NW, Washington, DC
Metro: U Street/Cardozo/African American Memorial, Yellow/Green lines
How Much: Free
Tips: The Geek Night Out Meetup Group is going tonight, so you’ll have good company for some of the most psychologically scarring material from my and your childhood.


What: Dark Shadows
When: Anytime tonight
Where: Movie theater closest to you
Metro: Walk if you have to
How Much: Generally $12
Tips: Listen to this fantastic This American Life episode first to truly understand how deeply Dark Shadows has affected our nation.




What: European Embassies Open House
When: 10am-4pm
Where: Northeast DC
Metro: Really, all of them, but check out this map for a look at which stops dominate.
How Much: Free
Tips: Go early. Go really, really early. Also, prioritize your favorite countries and their offerings. You’re not going to get to everything, what with the insane lines for free booze, food, and culture. I’m thinking House of Sweden’s rooftop lounge on the Georgetown waterfront might be a bit of a winner this year.


What: DC Nerd Nite – Final Exams

It’s May and it’s the last Nerd Nite before we go on summer break, so come on down to check out our three super-nerdy scientists this month. Learn about the awesome powers of organic chemistry, the possibilities for photosynthetic vertebrates, and little known good germs. Be there, and be square. – Nerd Nite DC
When: 6pm-9pm
Where: DC9,
Metro: U St/Cardozo/African American Memorial, Yellow/Green lines
How Much: $10
Tips: DC’s favorite booze-soaked lectures are coming to a close, along with the school year. Summer vacation is here, but before you jet off to the Galapagos or Reykjavik, get one last Nerd Nite in to stuff your brain full of as much thinking as possible.


What: Fiesta Asia Festival in Silver Spring
When: 10am-6pm
Where: Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, MD
Metro: Sivler Spring, Red line
How Much: Free
Tips: Have a nice chill day as a prelude to the DC Fiesta Asia and top it all off with a visit to Quarry House and Alliance Comics.





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