Modern Fairy Tales and Myths


Finally caught up with Once Upon a Time, which is quickly becoming a fairly consuming series and a must-see for a hardcore Fables fan. I’ve always been a fan of all things fantasy, fairy tale, myth, legend, and you get the idea. So, all these fantastico tales nowadays being played out on our screens and printed pages are really getting me ready for a journey through the land of Story.

Thankfully, the 21st century seems to call for a new take on the old fairy tales that have sustained us thus far. So, to quote the inimitable Eminem, go “lose yourself” in the stories that we seem to delight in telling and retelling and tearing apart then sewing back together in a slightly weirder, wilder patchwork.

What: This is the series I always make my friends read when I’m first weaning them onto comic books. It’s got adventure, romance, comedy, mystery, killer art, and a world inhabited by some of the most captivating takes on fairy tale characters you’ll find in modern literature. While Fables fans will be forgiven for looking upon Once Upon a Time as a bit of a knock-off, Fables is so far beyond the tv show in terms of world-building and character realization that there’s really no point in comparing the two. If you aren’t reading it already, pick up the first trade at one of the local comic book stores and see if you aren’t tempted to pick up the rest.

Where: Fantom Comics

Metro: Union Station, Red Line


Mouse Guard

What: Redwall for adults, without the cute token toddlers,



Kill Shakespeare

Once Upon a Time

What: An unapologetically cheesy, Disney-esque take on the whole fairy tale characters inhabiting the modern world idea. Well worth it for the machinations of the various female protagonists, occasional male eye candy, and Robert Carylye.


When: Sundays, 8pm
Where: ABC
Huh?: Word to the wise – You are most definitely not watching this for the writing or the plot or even the characterization. You are watching this because it is like Disney decided Enchanted did okay and invested in a tv series. It is like Enchanted/every Disney Princess movie ever, but without the songs. WHERE ARE THE SONGS?!

My favorite parts, though, are the inexplicably boring, commonplace names that all the Princes suddenly acquire. Like, Prince Charming being Prince James. And Cinderella’s prince was something like Scott or Steven or something. Absolutely boring, but that’s alright since they’re really all just meant to represent one huge archetypal prince anyways. Oh, Disney, never change!


What: A bromance masquerading as a supernatural cop show. Srsly. Also, Sasha Roiz.
When: Fridays, 9pm
Where: NBC


Huh?: Not sure where to get your supernatural bromance love (ironically enough, not on Supernatural) or Sasha Roiz kicks? Welcome to the Buffy-esque, monster-hunting, psychologically thrilling, fairy-tale-centered police procedural show that fills all your bromancey needs. My surprise fave of this show is the character of Monroe, played to the deliciously reluctant sidekick hilt by Silas Weir Mitchell who’s that guy that you saw in that thing being weird and then forgot about ’til now.

Dude, it’s set in Portland. That’s right. Who’s writing the Portlandia/Grimm fanfic for Yuletide this year? Anyone?

Snow White and the Huntsman

What: Bella actually becomes badass with some help from Thor. Charlize Theron remains smoking ho and utterly convincing as a crazy persont.
When: June 1, 2012
Where: Theater near you. C’mon. This ain’t no E Street shit.

Mirror, Mirror

What: Zomg. Armie Hammer as Prince Charming?! ARMIE HAMMER AS PRINCE CHARMING!?!?! Do I need to say more?!
Huh?: Okay, besides giving Armie Hammer to play the role we all know he was meant to play, this is a story about Snow White, proving that Hollywood is aces at sharing the love when it comes to all things vaguely fantasy/scifi, in an effort to cash in on the Twilighter tweens. Whereas the other Snow White film actually banks with the original Tweelighter (c”mon, Bella would totally fangirl herself in a secret, deep in her soul, “no one really understands her character like I do” way), this film just substitutes Julia Roberts’ awesomeness. You’re welcome.

The Art of Video Games Exhibit at the American Art Museum & Game Fest

What: What does this have to do with modern fairy tales, you ask?


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