District Superheroes

Inspired by io9.com’s Picture of the Day.

Source: io9.com

Love the pic, drawn by Vitoruogo, and it reminds me of the hero most likely to represent Washington DC on the superhero scene, Eli Bradley, The Patriot. If DC ever feels the need to vote in a “state” superhero, I say Eli is it! Just like NYC’s official superhero is quite clearly this guy.

Source: wikipedia.org

Eli Bradley, the youngest member of the Captain America legacy, is also a member of the Young Avengers, a fantastic, fantastic crew on par with The Runaways for extra fun times in costumes that don’t show more skin than sense and writing that doesn’t make me want to poke my own eyes out.

Source: comicbookdaily.com

Also, did you know that DC’s got it’s very own Guardian?

Talk about a District Superhero. Love him or Hate him, we’ve got him. Anyone spotted him around? Or is this a bit more of a Batman/Hellboy deal where we’ve got pictures, video even, but no one’s actually seen the guy in real life?



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