DC Knick Knacks for the Geek-o Sauve

Stuck on what to get your “gender neutral person of interest and significance”? Never Fear! Underdog is Here! With some geeky love tokens and some fantastico local pieces made right here in the metro area! Support DC IN LOVE!

DCists Made These for you to give to your person/body pillow/dog/Scottish cactus.

Source: Phul Effect Jewelry

Vintage Robot Earrings . $15.50.

Source: Zoey March Jewelry

HOO doesn’t like a good owl pun?! HOOO?! Get it? Yeah, okay. I won’t quit my day job. Owl Love Cufflinks. $35.

Source: Garters By Lori

This is for the ladies AND the gentlemen. Flask garter WITH flask. $20.

Source: Rachel Pfeiffer Designs

Bronze Heart Ring. $42.

Off with her head. Her stylish, stylish head. Said the queen to the Alice in Wonderland Fascinator.  $24.

Source: Zebracakes

For that Strawberry Shortcake cosplay you’ve been dying to pull off. Katsucon IS just around the corner. Strawberry Shortcake Earrings. $7.


Source: Red & Main

Clay Cthulhu with Heart. $39.


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A small geeky fish making it's way through the District of Geeks!
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