Truth: Zombies are Romantic!

Further proof that zombies and romance mix well, Andrea and Shane’s dirty, dirty scene in the last episode of The Walking Dead. Also, Glen and Maggie’s kind of weirdly timed session of actually kind of cute sexiness.


Also, here’s a few zombie movies to snuggle up to with your survival partner of choice.

Zombieland. Complete with Jesse Eisenberg’s particular brand of twitchy romance. Thankfully, Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson are there to save the day.  Get two reasonably attractive people together in a “there’s no one else” scenario and watch the sparks kind of umm, sputter to life?

Shaun of the Dead. Not so much a romance as a bromance, but still incredibly (b)romantic. Just trade a young, beautiful British actress for this,  in your head, and you’ve got a ready-made, hand-holding V-day movie night.

Zombie Honeymoon. So, what would you do if your newly wedded partner got turned into a zombie during your honeymoon? Don’t know the answer? Well, maybe you should sit your sweetheart down on Valentine’s Day and exchange various apocalypse survival vows. “I promise never to leave you alive if you get turned into a zombie,” is probably the most romantic declaration you could possibly make.

Snuggle up with your hunbun and a shotgun for a night of lust/death confusion. And don’t forget to double tap that. You never know when it’ll get up again.


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