Happy Pepero Day!

Source: Yujinishuge.wordpress.com

For all of y’all who just didn’t notice, this year’s Veteran’s Day coincides with the annual Korean tradition of Pepero Day! Pepero is a brand of Korean snack that involves long, thin, crackers dipped in chocolate and various condiments. 11/11 just happens to look a lot like a bunch of Pepero sticks, and thus a commercial holiday was born.

Here’s a much cuter explanation of Pepero Day than anything I could ever come up with.

I’ll be honest. I’ve always loved days that have the same date, month, and year. But I’m so glad that there’s finally appreciation from a source outside my head proportionate to the excitement I have for these peculiarly dated days inside my head. So, there you have it. The inside of my head is like a little Pepero Day explosion each time I’m excited about something. Chocolate numminess for all the brain cells.

IF you’re stumped on where to get Pepero sticks, try pretty much any Asian grocery store. Most of them have, if not Pepero, some type of knock-off that might serve you just as well. You’re tradiionally supposed to buy the Pepero to give away to loved ones but I say, keep ’em all and find different ways to eat each one. I personally like to stir my hot chocolate with the tasty little buggers.

I’ve heard from trusted sources (my mom) that most of the Korean grocery stores in the area are having buy one, get one free sales on their Pepero for the holiday. Here’s a list of stores close by that might be worth the drive.


Source: Fuchs Foodie Journal

Korean Korner
Han Ah Reum (H Mart)
Grand Mart


VA’s got the largest concentration of Koreans in the area, so go check out Annandale, where they’ve set up what amounts to a sprawling, Koreatown you won’t find outside of New York or LA.

Source: Korean Food Blogger

Han Ah Reum (H Mart)
Grand Mart

Washington, DC

What to do with Pork Belly

Source: Kimchibulgogi.com

Sorry, don’t really know of any good Korean grocery stores within the city. Gotta get out to those suburbs to find the school-zone driven Korean population that demands a steady supply of pork belly, ox tail, flying fish roe, and imitation crab meat (you know what I’m talking about).


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