Why We Created teh Internets

Looking for an in-depth analysis of the creation of the internet and the future of this great tool that is slowly becoming the master of our lives?

Yeah, for that stuff, you’re better off paying a hundred bucks to catch Vint Cerf at the Tedx MidAtlantic in DC, October 29th.


Source: Meriresearch

I just want to show you some of the cool stuff I’ve found lying around on this great behemothic tool I’m using to talk to you from an unknown location within the DC metro area. 😀

The last post had me thinking about how much I really do hate awesome redesigns and reboots of superheroes and characters THAT WILL NEVER COME TO LIFE. So, in the interests of furthering my masochistic tendencies, I’m going to present you with my favorites that will never be.

This is the mothaflippin’ Flamingo. Warren Ellis does this Reboot/Remake thing on his discussion boards where people are invited to recreate a character’s entire image from what amounts to a two/three sentence description. Lots of people go balls to the walls, but few so magnificently as Paul Sizer. Here is his Flamingo, and damn if he isn’t mine as well.

Source: Pinterest

Less reboot and more redesign but saw Asterous’ crazy awesome designs  weeks ago and  recently had them brought back to my attention. I can’t believe I forgot how awesome they looked.  I especially love the Flash outfits cuz that’s totally what a teen hipster Kid Flash would wear.

Source: Asterous. Love that she branched out to Marvel in the form of Wiccan

Source: Asterous. Wonder Woman, of course.

This, though, is the absolute killer. This one is the closest to actually ever becoming a real series but so many stars would have to align, I might as well just create some mad, evil scheme right now to align the planets through space-time continuum manipulation because that’s the only way DC will ever get it’s creative head out of it’s butt and it’s butt out of the sinking morass it’s jumped into.

Thank you , Dean Trippe, for creating something I didn’t even know I wanted.

Source: Dean Trippe Moonbase A

LOIS LANE is the bright, driven, daughter of Sam and Ellen Lane. Lois has dark, straight hair, pale violet eyes, and wears green when she has a choice. Lois carries a small messenger bag containing a tape recorder, a flashlight, a reporter-style notepad, and the military’s experimental S-Phone. Lois often refers to her friends by their last names and hometowns. Age: 11.”

Source: Dean Trippe Moonbase A


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