OMGWTF (is what she said?)

Late to the Internet party, as usual (tardiness is cool, ask anyone), I missed all the Aaron Diaz Justice League reboot brouhaha.


Aaron Diaz, you ask?

Apparently, this is Aaron Diaz, Mexican myopic* model/actor/depilation auteur (judging by his very precise body hair retention choices).



Okay, wait, no. THIS is Aaron Diaz, creator of beloved webcomic Dresden Codak, crazy good dinosaur art, and awesome faces faces. As in, he has one and he uses it to make different faces. How skilled is that?!

Source: Comics Alliance


Justice League reboot, you ask?

Apparently, this is the  Justice League of America reboot.

Source: DCU Blog


No, wait. THIS is the Justice League of AWESOME reboot! (It gets even better once you read the character profiles. Man knows how to reboot a character.)

Source: Indistinguishable from Magic


Brouhaha, you ask?

This might be a brouhaha.

Source: Voice of Detroit


Or this.

Source: Fox News


But this is more like the brouhaha I was thinking.

Source: The Onion

* I think those glasses are just there to make his abs look smart. Please email to let me know if I am wrong. I would hate to accuse Mr. Diaz of vanity or vapidity.


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