Welcome to the Geekend: Columbus was Late Too Edition

My friends, I woke up just an hour ago, and WOW do I love Saturdays! The weather is stunningly gorgeous in that cool, crisp Fall way, and DC beckons! Also, I hear some of you folks have got Monday off? Well, enjoy it. Have a hot chocolate from ACKC for the rest of us, and lounge around like a Real Housewife. Mea culpa for the tardiness, but here are some thing you should think about doing while we are blessed by the weather gods.

Source: The Guardian

NOTICE: DO NOT FEED DINOSAURS. THEY WILL CHASE YOU AND THEN EAT YOU. GOAT IS NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE! Also, Yellow/Green lines on the metro today are not gonna happen cuz they’re doing track maintenance on U St., Shaw-Howard, and Columbia Heights. Those stops are closed down, baby. Bypass all of that crap by getting off at Dupont Circle or Adams Morgan and walking over. It’s doable and a great way to get to know your DC backyard. If a groupthink of drunk party bros and hos can make that trip, I have confidence that you, my fellow geeks, will manage.


Source: STPPFest

Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Music Festival

What: A two-day music festival which sadly has nothing to do with sweet tea or pumpkin pie and everything to do with 125 local bands coming together to play for you, the hungy, thirsty customer.
Where: Various venues along U St. and Logan Circle
Metro: Dupont Circle, Red Line
When: Today and tomorrow, times depend on which performances you want to see
How Much: FREE! My fave.
Pro-tip: This is definitely the kind of event where you want to wander, get a taste here, take a sip there, and enjoy the gorgeousness that is U Street and Logan Circle on a beautiful day.


Source: Congress of Gamers

Congress of Gamers

What: A one day gaming Bohnanza filled with game swaps, marathon gaming, and other gamers in the DC/MD/VA area. Great way to meet other gamers and play that one version of Dominion no one else will play with you (Alchemy?)
Where: Rockville Senior Center,  1150 Carnation Dr., Rockville, MD 20850
Metro: Rockville, Red Line but then you walk, drive or fly
When: 9am-Midnight
How Much: $8
Pro-tip: Most everyone will probably already have brought whichever game you want to play but go ahead and bring that game you never play and can’t unload on any of your friends. Someone might trade you for it.


Nerd Nite DC

What: A lecture series on the most hilariously geeky subject matters possible. This month, it’s accordians, cryptography, and meritocracy. In a bar. Yep.
Where: DC9, 1940 9 St. NW
Metro: Adams Morgan or Dupont Circle, Red Line (remember? the yellow/green lines are for shit this weekend)
When: 6:30-8pm
How Much: $10
Pro-tip: Get here a little early and get a bit buzzed. Or wander around U St. and catch some of the aforementioned Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Music Festival before and after.


Source: Thrill Spy

Thrill Spy presents Rear Window

What: A free screening of Rear Window as a part of the Thrill Spy Film Festival
Where: US Navy Memorial Theater
Metro: Archives/Navy Memorial, Green/Yellow lines
When: 5-7pm
How Much: Free
Pro-Tip:  Got this one from the FREE IN DC blog, one of my faves. Bring your own popcorn but then check out the rest of Thrill Spy’s offerings. And don’t forget that the Crime and Punishment museum is right up the street. Personally, it’s one of my favorite museums in the DC area, although scary as fuck.



Sunday: National  CHESS Day!

Source: Greg's List

Taste of DC

What: A food-tasting festival  that showcases some of the best the area has to offer. This year, the food trucks are cashing in on the scene, yay!
Where: Pennsylvania Ave and 9th-14th St.
Metro: Federal Triangle, Blue/Orange lines
Archives/Navy Memorial, Green/Yellow lines
Metro Center, Red line
When: October 8th, 11am-10pm
October 9th, 10am-10pm
October 10th, 10am-6pm
How Much: Free admission, 10 tasting tickets for $15
Pro-tip: Save your tickets, cruise everything first, and get there kinda now-ish, a little earlier than midway to make sure that people will be buzzing about the best tents but the restaurants won’t have run out of plates.


Source: National Air and Space Museum


Last Weekend of 50 Years of Exploration Exhibit

What: Remember when space was awesome, and America had rocket fever? Well, the Air and Space Museum does and it’s celebrating that joie de vivre and need for exploration with this exhibit full of space-based artwork
Where: National Air and Space Museum
Metro: Smithsonian, Blue/Orange lines
When: 10am-5:30pm, today and tomorrow
How Much:  Free
Pro-tip: While you’re here, might as well go check out some of the airplanes and space gear, right?


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