Things Could Be Worse. Or how to pretend to be an adult.

Not getting enough sleep, and filling my head with all sorts of nonsense about APR’s and CD’s and ING’s and other ridonkulous gatherings of letters and numbers. But, as this website as so clearly made out to me, Things Could Be Worse. Tragedy #290 being my favorite. Suck that from a sparkly nipple, Edward Cullen.

Tragedy #290: It probably would've been a horribly glittery piece anyways.

Another life lesson to be learned, from the lovely lady at Hyperbole and a Half, is that being an adult is HARD, and I’m not the only who plays at being a ridiculous facsimile of an adult who eats ice cream for breakfast and can’t do ALL THE THINGS!

Clean ALL the things?!

Also, with this lovely, lovely, breezy weather we’re having(not being ironic, I actually love it), it’s turned into PUMPKIN and TV season! Pumpkin cream cheese muffins at Starbucks, pumpkin spice latte from Cosi’s, pumpkin pie from my aunts.  Alongside the pumpkin comes a heaping helping of fun, new TV for those inside the doors times where we let the wind howl outside while we sip our warm drinks and cuddle up with our electronic devices, a la creepy Danish home electronics commercial.

I’m currently in love with Free Agents, Pan Am, and (I’m not gonna lie) Vampire Diaries. Of course, there’s always Park and Recreation and Community. 😀


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