Music from the FUTURE!

MY friends, with the great new digital age of technology morphing the fabric of our culture before our very eyes, do you ever fear the great unknown sea of music where technology and electronics have completely replaced gramophones?

Source: Crafts in India

Well, fear the great unknown no longer because the DC SONIC CIRCUITS FESTIVAL of EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC 2011 is here to make sure you can fear the known. Who knew DC had its very own cutting edge music and experimental acoustics scene? Well, um, the way-too-cool-for-school artists and musicians involved in this festival did. That’s why they’re putting this festival on.

Which, by the way, is going on this week! It starts tonight with a Pre-Festival Fundraiser, and continues tomorrowt with a presentation of live soundtracks performed on 10 vintage record players and two cellos to two classic silent experimental films, James Sibley Watson and Melville Webber’s Lot In Sodom and Man Ray’s Emak-Bakia at the AFI Silver Theatre.

So, in honor of the festival, which will be showcasing music that’s nothing like what’s here on this blog, I thought I’d bring you a compilation of some less experimental but still mostly technology influenced music from various geeky sources. Here’re various artists’ takes on the music of the future, geek style. If you head to the Sonic festival, let me know how close we got.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Music from the Green Hill Zone

The Ends by Basement Jaxx for the British alien movie, Attack the Block

The Game Has Changed by Daft Punk for Tron:Legacy

All Along the Watchtower cover by Bear McCreary for Battlestar Galactica

Spock’s Song by D.C. Fontana for Star Trek episode “Charlie X”

Metamorphosis One by Philip Glass in Battlestar Galactica episode “Valley of Darkness”

Bonus Links:

Big Bar Fight by Greg Edmonson for Firefly

Trinity Infinity by Don Davis for The Matrix


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