SPX Specs: Part 1!

SPX 2011 was everything a geek could want and everything a geek could need. Saw some cool people, stalked a few more, and kept it so cool I could’ve passed for a hipster. Well, no, I don’t think my pants were tight enough, but I think I passed for something even better, which was a dyed-in-the-argyle-wool GEEK! Which, when you get down to it, is really the best thing you could possibly be. 😀

Of course I geeked out at SPX, and of course I brought my geekiness back to share with you, my fellow geeks of DC! Throughout the first day of the expo, I went around to as many artists/creators/writers as I could and asked them all a deep, probing, deeply disturbing question and recorded their responses for posterity. I wanted an interesting way to get to know the artists, writers, and their characters so that I could write copious amounts of fan smut. Just reams of it. Slashing everyone together.


Here’re their answers, so enjoy!

Question: “What would you write/want written on the tombstone of your favorite character?”

Hazel from Girls with Slingshots

“She thought 28 beers was her limit.” – Danielle Corsetto, creator of webcomic, Girls with Slingshots

Loki from Ginger Haze

“He was an asshole but he was kinda hot.” – Noelle Stevenson, artist whose favorite thing is bromance, Ginger Haze

Sally from Space Case Sally

“Died of the dumb.” and “In space, no one can hear you whine.” – Ashley Quigg, creator of Space Case Sally and Hanni Brosh, artist extraordinaire

Batman from Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?

“Same Bat time, same Bat six feet under.” – Nina Kester, associate producer at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates

Superman from Kingdom Come

“Here lies Superman. Did you know he was Clark Kent? . . . he’ll probably be back.” – Justin Castaneda, creator of When I Was Little

“Yuh-HUH, did SO.” – Nate Powell, illustrator/comic book artist/fuzzy little bird man for his character Purdy, from Any Empire

Diablo from Goats

“He never laid a decent egg in his life.” – John Allison, creator of Bad Machinery, for Jon Rosenberg’s Goats

Dante Shepherd from Surviving the World

“He was completely there but not at the same time.” – Dante Shepherd, creator of Surviving the World, for his chalkboard photocomic self

One Electric from Rice Boy

“Lived a very long time. Made some mistakes.” – Evan Dahm, creator of Rice Boy

Ted the Bear from Little Dee

“There was never enough cake on this mortal plane anyways.” – Christopher Baldwin, creator of Little Dee

Amanda from Split Lip Comic

“She never saw it coming.” – Sam Costello, creator of Split Lip

Kimiko "Kim" Ross from Dresden Codak

“HELP! Trapped in a tombstone factory!” – Aaron Diaz, creator of Dresden Codak

Gilda from Grune

“She’ll be back once she grinds Death’s face into the ground.” – Zack Giallongo, creator of Grune

Luci from Luci's Let Down

“Sometimes I’d rather just be in hell.” – Marjee Chmiel, creator of Luci’s Let Down

Dr. Taquito from Cuddles and Rage

“Taken by freezer burn.” – Liz and Jimmy Reed, creators of Cuddles and Rage


“They had it coming.” – Enrica Jang, creator of Azteca, for her character Nicho

The Collector from The Malaise Trap

“Unopened in Box. Limited Edition. #1 of 1” – Jack Bracken, co-creator of The Malaise Trap

Sock-Monster from Sock-Monster

“What a weirdo.” – Neil Brideau, creator of Sock-Monster

Thus concludes Part 1 of the epic series of morbid last words and memoriams. Look out for Parts 2 and 3, with lovingly crafted word gems from the creators of “You Don’t Know Much About Jesus,” “Tiny Ghost Stories,” “Dr. McNinja,” “Octopus Pie,” and “Fred the Clown.


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4 Responses to SPX Specs: Part 1!

  1. Cuddles and Rage, my personal fav.

    • DistrictofGeeks says:

      The title alone would endear it to my heart, but it’s so wretchedly cute, I don’t even know how my badass heart could stand it.

  2. I think we met at SPX! You took a picture of me with Ginger Haze. Can I see it?

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