Games Club of Maryland

Don’t you wish your Friday was hot like mine? I spent it playing board games with the happening group at GCOM Silver Spring. Good times were had by all, except when I interrupted their games to take pictures. Then, slightly annoyed times were had by most but everyone was quite gracious, and it didn’t stop them from playing (and winning!)

Jason Birzer and Jonathan Gerth playing Race for the Galaxy

Race for the Galaxy.

Left to Right: Roger Burns, Dough Hoylman, Stepehn Brinich, and Crystal Paul playing Entdecker


Left to Right: Jeff Frischkorn and Steve Quade playing History of the World

Nikolaos Frangiadakis playing History of the World, . . . or is he?!

History of the World.

Games, games, games, and freak in the back.

Left to Right: John Barringer, Joshua Barringer, Fei Chai, and Yang Liu playing Acquire


Left to Right: Eleon, Chastity, Chuck, Justin Hiller, and Casimir playing Agricola


Left to Right: Nick, Nazia, Elan, Jonathan, and Jason playing Pickomino


Left to Right: Jennifer Bibby-Gerth, Hal, and Adam playing Alhambra


If all this looks mighty similar to your version of fun, feel free to join in every Friday evening, from 7-12pm, at the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring.


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One Response to Games Club of Maryland

  1. John Locke says:

    I was also playing Alhambra, but unfortunately, I was away from the table when the picture was taken.

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