Welcome to the Geekend: Rainy Day Edition

Friday (Day of Freya)

Source: Live Design Online

Drunken Spelling Bee

What: Exactly what it sounds like: a spelling bee for adults
Where: Rock n’ Roll Hotel
Metro: Union Station, then walk up to H St, and take the X2 bus towards Minnesota Ave metro
When: 6pm to sign up, 8pm competition starts
How Much: Free, unless you’re competing, in which case you are required to have a drink in hand at all times
Pro-tip: Take the picture above, add a mega-ton of alcohol, and you’ll only begin to scrape the surface of hilarity involved in this spelling bee. The rounds include 4th-9th grade vocab lists, dirty word lists, and theme rounds. So, if you’re Mensa material when sober, see how long you can hold onto that membership while drunk off your D-E-R-R-I-E-R-E. 21+ so have your ID ready.

Source: Smithsonian


What: One of two films handpicked by Turkish artist Hale Tenger, whose art is on view at the Sackler gallery through Novermber. Intense film on the 1981 Irish Hunger Strike.
Where: Meyer Auditorium, Freer Gallery
Metro: Smithsonian
When: 7pm – 9:30pm
How Much: Free
Pro-tip: Perfect rainy day event, a free indoor movie where you can snuggle up with whoever or whatever you choose (significant other, friend, snuggie, dinner, body pillow)

Source: Board Game Geek

GCOM Game Night

What: Weekly game night of the Games Congress of Maryland
Where: Tastee Diner
Metro: Silver Spring
When: 7pm-12pm
How Much: Free
Pro-tip: Bring your best game face, cuz we’re playing strategy games tonight! Between all of them, the members of GCOM have got pretty much any and all board games you could ever want to play. Get excited and join in on the fun! Totes kid-friendly.


Source: Malorkis

DC Nerd Nite

What: Three presentations on nerdy subjects, in a boozy setting
Where: DC9
Metro: U Street
When: 6:30pm -9:30pm
How Much: $10
Pro-tip: This month’s lectures include a crash course on Dinosaur Injury, a people’s history of the Marvel comic universe, and the pros (research) and cons(zombie apocalypse) of viruses.

Source: Downtown DC

Arts on Foot

What: Huge arts festival that showcases all types of DC arts, crafts, food, music, theater, and dance.
Where: 8th St and F St NW
Metro: Gallery Pl./Chinatown
When: 9/10, 11am-7pm and 9/11, 11am-6pm
How Much: Free
Pro-tip: Try to catch as many of the free Saturday Showcase Performances as you can. These are some of the premier troupes and performance groups of the DC area all vying for your attention this fall season. Plus, these are all indoors in the Sidney Harman Hall, so your kickass duds will stay dry.  The only thing is, seats fill up pretty fast, so most people sit through a few of the less interesting performances to be able to see the juicy ones.

Source: Doot Doot Garden Blog

What: Small Press Expo, a convention for indie comics and webcomics, YAY! If you’ve ever read Blankets or Questionable Content, now’s your chance to pump the authors for information. PUMP AWAY!
Where: Bethesda North Marriott Hotel
Metro: White Flint
When: 9/10, 11am-7pm and 9/11, 12pm-6pm
How Much: $10 for one day, $15 for both days
Pro-tip: As with any convention, make sure to go through the programming beforehand to see which panels and guests you just can’t miss!


Source: DC Traveler

Adams Morgan Day 2011

What: A neighborhood festival that celebrates the cultural diversity of one of DC’s playgrounds, the Adams Morgan district.
Where: 16th St NW and Columbia Rd NW
Metro: Woodley Park Zoo/Adams Morgan
When: 12pm-7pm
How Much: Free
Pro-tip: This is your chance to dance along 16th St and actually enjoy a falafel while sober. The vibe will definitely be more family friendly rather than kickball league part-ay, so dress and pre-game accordingly.


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  1. DC Geeks says:

    Good to see other groups of people tracking nerd events. Let us know if we miss anything. If you want to bug us about anything or talk collabo or the like, info@dc-geeks.com.

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