Lazy Day Links

While you’re waiting to see what exciting new geeky things are available to do tonight in DC, take a little journey with me into the internets! Look, I have gathered ALL THE LINKS! And you must read them.

ALL the links?


Source: Information is Beautiful

Information is Beautiful  especially when it concerns time travel timelines.

Source: Flowtown

Flowtown  is a pretty interesting “how-to social network” blog with pretty graphics. FTW!

Source: katarina-san at deviantART

Katarina-san has some truly lovely art up in her gallery. Don’t you just love strolling through deviantART?

Source: Minimal Movie Posters

Guys, I’m so in love with all the posters in the Minimal Movie Posters Archive right now. Plus, you guys have seen Moon, right? Sam Rockwell rocks my world.

Source: Hey Oscar Wilde!

A beautifully curated tumblr full of geek-related images and happiness, Hey Oscar Wilde is awesome, even if I have no clue where the name came from.




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One Response to Lazy Day Links

  1. mightysylven says:

    The Other Half and I saw “Moon” and “Primer” in the same weekend. So…much…good…scifi…

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