I Hate Sleeping Alone

Which is why I ran out of my apartment around 11:30 hoping to make it to Alliance Comics in time to pick up the free issue of JL #1 that is part of the newly re-vamped DC line of 52 titles.

Along the way, I met some pretty awesome geeks who were just there for the olive and salami platter. One guy said he was there for the comics, but that was obviously a lie since he had his hands full of wet olives, and no comic book in sight.

Fine Dining

Here are Gene, , Jamicheal( who surprisingly wasn’t jamacain’ me crazy with the spelling of his name. It was actually the easiest out of all three of them), and Alcira.

Gene, Jamichael, Alcira

Alcira is a legacy comic book fan, with her father having been one of the original comic book nerds in the 1940s, back when comic books were great and full of outright womanizers instead of subtle ones. Jamicheal is a big Supes fan and Gene is a Marvel fan who kind of took a break from their relationship with comic books, but heard that comic books got some cosmetic surgery and a heart transplant, so they’re willing to give it another go. Way to go, guys!



This here is a blurry picture of Addy, who’s a big GL fan, got his t-shirt at last year’s Baltimore Comic Con, was too busy with “work” to go this year, and tried to hide his shirt with his issue of Flashpoint. It’s alright though, I paparazzi-ed him and bring you this evidence that people do take fashion cues from Big Bang Theory.

Luis, Maki, and Jamme

Say hi to Luis, Maki Roll, and Jamme. Maki is actually an anime and Marvel fan but wears a Batman t-shirt just to rile up the DC fanboys, “likes seamen” such as Aquaman, and from what I could tell, also likes violence. So, really, the perfect companion if you should ever get into a brawl with some Red Tornado-lovin’ Marines. Sign me up for their cage fighting team. Team Ream’em Like Seamen. 😀

Chuck and Sean

Okay. Another blurry photo. So, I confess. I gave my camera a couple of drinks. I know it’s underage but it was all “dude, we’re at a party” and “omg, man, no one’s ever going to know”. Really, kind of made me feel seriously shitty. But then I get pictures like this, and I’m never buying drinks for my camera ever again. Anyways, these two gentlemen are Chuck and Sean, Chuck is an actual comic book fan with great taste in DCU and ready for the new 52 series after making his way through Blackest Night.

Sean. I have no real words for Sean. Suffice it to say, he “bought the 9/11 comics, . . . and thought the art was cool.”

Nick DePinto

Nick was wearing YELLOW SUBMARINE shoes. Those would do the 90’s X-men proud. Well done, sir.

Sean M. Taylor

Sean M. Taylor is a local artist who is not showing you a drawing of a gorilla head to invite any slanderous comparisons between his looks and his art. No, he is showing it to you to make you realize just how awesome he is, and how even if he did have a gorilla head, he’d still be a better artist than you.


Amy, Supergirl, and Troy

Thanks to Amy for putting on a mighty fine shindig, and thanks to Supergirl for making a surprise appearance. That’s all folks!



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