Hurricane Survival Celebration!

MY geeks, it feels like fall might finally be around the corner, and with it comes the best of times for us folks with magnificent events like International Talk Like a Pirate Day  and Small Press Expo!

Source: Mail Online

Source: Hark, A Vagrant

Also, apple pie, new Eurogames, back-to-school, and on the lurking horizon, Halloween, the culmination of a year’s worth of pent-up cosplaying need. Until then, ease back into your work week after an exciting weekend with some music I gathered while stuck in my apartment Saturday.

Obviously, more appropriate for that odd day celebrating the probably nonexistent romantic love between a doomed priest and his jailer’s underage daughter, but I’m kind of digging the domino animation, so we’ll let it stand.

For the Gleeks. And if you don’t know what that is, go find yourself a Youtube video. And if you don’t know what youtube is, what are you doing here?

Really great orchestration and presentation of the music from the new Doctor Who series. Are you excited about the return of the second half of the current season? Despite the confusion that sentence just caused me, I am, too!


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