Happy Read Comic Books in Public Day!

Well, thanks to Irene, Reading Comic Books in Public Day is pretty well shot . . . JUST KIDDING!

I know it’ll be difficult with the Flood going on outside your doorstep and worrying about the milk in your fridge, but are we not badasses? Makers of our own destinies? RULERS OF FATE?! I fully plan on making my way to a public place long enough to pick up a cup of freshly brewed coffee (the baristas make it so much better) and read my current favorite, Gotham Central.

Source: Wikipedia

It’s like Law and Order or Southland, but for Gotham City.




What’s your favorite comic book and where will you venture to read it?

Places to get Comic Books

Places to get Coffee: TrystPeregrine, Chinatown Coffee CoBusboys and Poets


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