Welcome to the Geekend: I <3 DC

This weekend, let your inner crafty bastard out, go dance in a line, try to stay awake for the longest movie you’ll ever sleep through, and go show off your love of men wearing their underwear on the outside.

Thursday: Handi-Hour at the Renwick Gallery

Source: Renwick Gallery

What: Arts and Crafts Happy Hour
Where: Renwick Gallery
1661 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC
Metro: Blue/Orange Farragut West
Red Farragut North
When: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
How much: $15 for 2 drink tickets, crafts and snacks. Additional drink tickets are $5 each while supplies last. Payments can only be made at the door with a limit of two admissions per person at a time.
Pro tips: Come ready for a rousing (but not too rabbly) couple of hours filled with fellow crafsters looking to get drunk on craft beers then craft some art with scissors, in one of my favorite galleries in DC. Actually, drunk people cutting and gluing shit together? Maybe you should bring your dice to roll for protection.

Friday: Contra-Dancing at Glen Echo Park

Source: NFT

What:Dancing in a Line (this ain’t the conga)
Where: Glen Echo Park
7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812
Metro: N/A
When: 7:30pm for the Beginners’ Lesson, 8:30pm-11:30pm for the Dance
How much: $9, includes the lesson
Pro tips: Ever see one of those period British dramas where they all dance in a line, longing glances are exchanged, and the eloquent silences are matched only by the deep emotional undercurrents of . . . emotion? Welp, one out of three isn’t bad. Eva Murray with AP and the Banty Roosters: Andy Porter on fiddle, Mark Lynch on mandolin, Joe Langley on guitar, and Artie Abrams on bass so get on your dancing shoes and go get’em! Plan on working up a manly/womanly glow, so bring a water bottle or two cuz you’ll need it.

Saturday: 24 Hours in Berlin

Source: Washington DC German Meetup

What: 24 Hour movie marathon
Where: Goethe Institut
812 Seventh Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001-3718, USA
Metro: Red Gallery Pl/Chinatown
When: Sat 6am- Sun 6am
How much: Free admission
Pro tips: Bring your blankie and your best hipster clothing since this’ll be a an all-day, all-night affair to determine who’s the coolest and who’s got the most stamina. ;D

Sunday: International Read Comic Books Day
Fantom Comics, DC

What: Chillaxing with a book and burrito
Where: Fantom Comics and Chipotle
Metro: Red Union Station
When: 12pm -6pm
How much: The cost of your favorite comic book and burrito.
Pro tips: A chance for comic book geeks to come out of the shadows and embrace the light like Batman never did (ftr: I know Batman’s been seen in daylight before, I said “embrace” the light) with their fellow enthusiasts. Fantom Comics in Union Station to pick up comic books and geeks who like comic books, then across the hallway to Chipotle to bomb their place with a bit of literacy and lunacy. Don’t forget to look up from your book, and say hi to that cutie reading Transmetropolitan in the corner. 😀


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