In Memoriam

Memorial Day! A day to remember our fallen soldiers and living monuments to courage in the face of impossible situations.
No matter what kind of geek you are, today is the day, in DC, to raise our hands in salute and lower our hats in respect.

So wear that lilac.

Source: Wishkoski

Sing  “All the little angels rise up, rise up . . .”

Source: ISFDB

Raise a flag for the Captain.

Source: Captain America Articles

And go out for some Memorial Day memoriam in the form of parades, barbecues,  concerts, and crowds of human sweat and tears. Enjoy.

Coming up this week . . .

Tuesday: Washington Psychotronic Film Society will be presenting Night Patrol, directed by Jackie Kong. The WPFS is a hotbed of crazy and fun, swirled together into an in-your-face dish of CRAZUN in the form of crazy movies they’ve dug up from who knows where. Suggested donation: $2

Updates to follow.


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