GCOM: Games Club of MD


GCOM is the Games Club of Maryland. The one I frequent happens to be the one that’s most Metro-Accessible, in the Silver Spring location. Every Friday night, from 7pm-11pm, you will find a group of devoted board gamers playing everything from

Pirate’s Cove to

Agricola to

Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game.

This is not your daddy’s board game night. Games like Sorry! and Life and Monopoly were laid aside long ago in pursuit of newer, better designed, shinier board games with expansion packs and more room for you to wreak havoc on your fellow human beings.Through the game, of course. We here at District of Geeks cannot condone personal dueling and petty feuds until the creation of light sabers and space ships that shoot lasers but are also equipped with shields, at which point all bets will be off.

Source: Ratewall

It’s good, solid fun times, and, as I know from personal experience, very welcoming of newcomers. Once you get there, feel free to jump right in, and you’ll make some solid friends who won’t bother you about going to the clubs or bars on a Friday night when all you feel like doing is rolling some dice and scoring the most victory points.

What: Game Night

Where: Silver Spring Fuddruckers

819 Ellsworth Drive
Silver Spring  MD   20910

(walking distance from the Red Line’s Silver Spring stop)

When: Friday night, 7pm-11pm

Also, don’t forget to check the calendar for the upcoming Congress of Gamers, October 9th and 10th.


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