Welcome to DC, Geek Style

DC’s a beautiful city full of geeks, nerds, dorks, and wonks rubbing elbows and shoulders and knees with the mundies, muggles, normals, non-mutant, non-powered,  and civilians.

There are literary hipster nerds, full of hipster chic and dressed in all the right/wrong ways.

Source: The Fashion Spot

There are policy wonks wearing power suits like capes and fighting legal battles every day on the Hill.

Source: Charleston Gazette

There are JJ Abrams FANS and Joss Whedon FANS, and when the twain shall meet, the Earth shall thunder with the roar of their FANDOM LOVE!

There are comic book geeks who make their way every Wednesday to see how DC and Marvel are trying to screw with us (and occasionally hitting it out of the park), then make their way every year to Balticon and Small Press Expo (Dragon Con, NY Comic Con, etc).

Source: One Percent Press

There are public radio dorks and academic elites and online warriors and Japanese-speaking anime devotees.

Source: WHYY

The city is teeming with the people who know what it’s like to live on the fringes of what society deems interesting or relevant. But as one of my favorite fictional geeks states, “It’s the age of the geek, baby!” And welcome to the DC that embraces that part of us.


About DistrictofGeeks

A small geeky fish making it's way through the District of Geeks!
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