Stuff to do as we all wait for the Technological Singularity to occur or a Zombie Apocalypse to arrive.


About DistrictofGeeks

A small geeky fish making it's way through the District of Geeks!
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4 Responses to Calendar

  1. Your calendar is awesome!!!!

    • DistrictofGeeks says:

      Why, thank you kindly! I do my best. If you do end up going to any of the events in the area, please let me know so’s I can be all, AWESOME!

  2. Greyson says:

    This is really helpful; I’m only back in DC for a couple of weeks, but was worried about having too little to do. Ameliorated.

    Also, book recommendations?

    • DistrictofGeeks says:

      Dude, cool beans. Enjoy your geeky stay in DC! As for reading list, you’ve inspired a blog post, so go check it out.

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